Simple Zipper Closure Pillowcase Tutorial


CLICK HERE for Zipper Closure Pillowcase Tutorial

The zipper closure pillowcase tutorial is complete and ready for you to download/print/use to your heart’s content!  I make all of my home decorator pillows this way.  It’s a super easy and quick way to make a washable pillowcase and the result turns out very professional and durable.

This is the method my sister-in-law taught me when I first started sewing, and I think it’s just genious!  Please feel free to provide me with any feedback.


As noted on the tutorial, you’re welcome to use this for personal use, or to sell items made with this tutorial (I don’t claim to have discovered this method!).  Do not sell this tutorial, as it is offered for free here (seems obvious, but I had to say it).


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12 Responses

  1. This is really cool! You are so CUTE!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I just read through your tutorial. It seems very clear and easy to follow! I love the photos…they are really helpful.

  3. Sarah, this is truly amazing. I can’t say I’ll try it out since I can’t even sew a button on a shirt, but I’m so impressed with the readability of this tutorial as well as the really cool finished product. Do you think there’s a poem I can write about a pillow? I didn’t think so.

  4. You are so fabulous! Thanks for the lovely dinner tonight. If someone was truly creative, they could write a poem about a pillow–maybe even a haiku.

    About a Pillow

    comfort my day’s end
    sleep, slumber, respite, restore
    you cushion my dreams

  5. Wow, this thing is amazing! I think this is the culest tutorial I’ve ever seen. It seriously makes it look so easy to make pillows. In fact, I think I may go make one now!

  6. That is fabulous! Super cute. Thanks so much for sharing this, I’ll be linking.

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  8. Just used this tutorial, it is SO easy. I was always so scared to put a zipper in a pillow but this makes it super simple and easy. Thanks!

  9. Best tutorial I’ve seen on subject! Easy to follow instructions and photos so I’ve passed it on to several sewing newbies. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Made pillow cases with the tutorial and Kate’s help during the sewing class. I have confidence with zippers now! Thank you

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  12. [...] thanks to this great tutorial, I even added zippers to all my pillows for the first time ever! (I can’t believe I’ve [...]

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