Another blogger…

Here I am, joining the ranks of bloggers across the word.  My dad’s a blogger, my friends are bloggers, for goodness sake, I get all my recipes from bloggers, I might as well become one too, right?  I think of blogging as something that I have to do to stay relevant.  You remember that day when you finally decided you needed to get a cell phone because it was getting to the point where no one felt they knew you anymore,  simply because they couldn’t get ahold of you when you weren’t at home?  Or when you finally broke down and got a laptop computer because it was just getting ridiculous to not be able to check your email on the go.  Or, maybe it’s similar to how Levi can’t stop talking about the iPhone, wants one, must have one, loathes those who own them, because really, “imagine having your phone, computer AND iPod all in one place”!  These aforementioned reasons explain why I had to get a blog.  Without one, how could I possibly expect all of you (my friends, of course) to stay interested in me?  This will hereby become my way to “publish myself” to the world, to show off all my amazing talents, and to possibly brag about my wonderful husband occasionally.  This will also hereby become your personal portal to the inner workings of the Seitzs.  You will get to see what we’ve been eating, where we’ve been traveling, what I’ve been sewing, and who we’ve been hanging out with.  Let’s be honest, when it finally happens, you will probably learn about the arrival of our firstborn child through this blog (no, it’s not happening now).  All of this is to say, I realize how ridiculous this all sounds, to think that the only way you could know about us is by reading some weekly (or if you’re lucky, daily) digest about our lives.  But, isn’t this what its come to?  In all seriousness, I hope that this will give you an excuse to stay involved in our life.  We really do love our friends and family, and I hope that this blog allows you to stay connected with us.    


3 Responses

  1. Wow. I just really enjoyed reading this. It almost convinced me to start my own blog. …almost… I love you guys. 🙂

  2. I am studying family history and my ggggreta grandmother had a sister Frances august De irujo who married Samuel clifton in Hong Kong . they then went to China where Frances was still alive in 1891 . she had a daughter Isaobel who married James stockwell.also a daughter f, Stockwell-stietz.
    the name fred clifton was in the family concerned . frances had a daughter Madeline .
    Do you think there is any connection between your family name Stietz and clifton and my family in China . would be wonderful if so. could you contact me pleas eif this is so. jan twentyman in new Zealand .

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