My Maddie and Her Mommy and Daddy

I just had to dedicate a post to my adorable niece and her charmed life. Can you imagine popping out of the womb to see this beautiful couple staring up at you?

Or coming home for the first time to see that this is your new bedroom?

I’m telling you, this little baby could not be loved more if she were Suri Cruise herself. Levi and I were able to spend a week with Madelyn starting the day after she was born. And now, let me introduce you to Madelyn Kate:

Spending that week with Madelyn and my sister and brother-in-law made Levi and I get a serious case of the “Californias.” Someday we would love to be able to live near them, to be able to raise our children together. Families just shouldn’t be spread across the world. It’s just not right! With my parents in Boston and my sister in California, it sometimes feels like we will never all be together. I sure am glad I have my brother and sister-in-law here in Seattle or things would be really tough!

I will leave you with this positively adorable video of Maddie and her favorite toy. Notice how every time the music stops she starts talking like mad to get mommie to turn it back on! So cute! By the way, she is about 2 1/2 months old in this video. Today she is 3 1/2 months. She’s growing too quickly!


4 Responses

  1. Madelyn misses you and Levi so much too! Today, she looked up at me while she was watching TV and drinking some milk, and she said, and I quote, “mommy, how come I never get to see Aunty Sarah and Uncle Levi? They sure are neat.” I didn”t know what to tell her…

  2. HA! I love it! Love you Kate!

  3. It is so sad to have a grandchild so very far away. We LOVE the videos that Kate posts periodically, and couldn’t do without them.

    We miss her mom and dad too!

  4. I love my little niece–what a cutie! Everyone needs to move back to Seattle!

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