Lots has happened…

…including: Levi’s beard just died, literally, like one minute ago. That’s not to say that it really resembled anything close to a beard. As Levi’s brother put it, it looked like he dipped his chin in some miracle grow and the result was a hideous showing of scruffy hairs all in one central area. And he had those nasty little patches of hair around his cheeks. It needed to happen, guys. Don’t even be sad.

Next, I graduated! Hurray! Here is the picture you have all been waiting for:

Those gowns are so unflattering! Not to mention the square “caps” they make you wear. Aren’t we supposed to be celebrated on this day? Celebrated, NOT humiliated. I had a wonderful graduation party last weekend and it was so fun to celebrate with some of my family and friends, although I really missed having my parents there.

I’ve been working on some crafty fun projects lately. First, I decided to make a cake stand inspired by this blog . I went to Value Village and found a silver platter and a silver candlestick with grapes on it and after epoxying them together, I got this result:

This was such a fun project! I am excited to make more of these! This one became a graduation gift for my wonderful sister Emily (check out her blog!). I have in mind a white china cake stand for my next one.

Next, I made some baby bibs for two soon-to-be best friend babies (one born, one on his way):

I love this sock monkey oilcloth. These bibs are super simple (well, if I knew how to do binding correctly the one would have turned out a lot better!) and I just drafted the pattern from a bib I found at the fabric store. I like the idea of having a pocket on the bib, to catch runaway food scraps.

I tried a new recipe I found on epicurious that turned out quite yummy. It’s called Garbanzo Bean Soup With Saffron, but it should be called tomato, butternut squash and potato soup with garbanzo beans because these three ingredients pretty much made up the bulk of the soup.

I added some leek to the soup, which I found for a good price at Trader Joes. TJs also has butternut squash all chopped and ready to go in small bags which was perfect for making this soup incredibly hastle-free.

I love garbanzo beans (or chickpeas, same thing), they are such a subtle flavor but they are also incredibly versatile. I add them to my couscous, make hummus or serve them with a spicy dish like Chicken Tagine.

It turned out tasting really nice, but it has a subtle flavor so I upped the garlic and seasonings a bit. I served it with an Indian Naan bread (also found at TJs). Levi had to work late that night so I brought it to him at work in a pink lunchbox. He appreciated that (both the pink lunchbox and the dinner).

Here we are last week, almost to our one year anniversary (it’s on August 3rd). It’s so crazy to think that we haven’t even been married for a year yet. Marriage is so wonderful and such a blessing. We are excited for two of our best friends to get married within this next year! Yay for Hannah and Chris and Kelley and Gregg!


7 Responses

  1. Cute pic of you two! I have a great risotto recipe with saffron if you want it. I’m off to my own graduation–horray!

  2. I’m glad to see you in cap and gown. They may be funny looking, but you worked hard for that outfit!

    Poor Levi…no beard. Ah well, I can’t grow a very good one either!

    Love, Mommy

  3. I love that last picture of the two of you. Beautiful, my friends. I am inspired by your constant posting of pictures, but in my own blog I am too lazy to actually find and pin them to what I’m writing. Your pics of the individual ingredients are hilar-ee-oos!

    Oh fertile blogger, with beardless beau,
    Your recipes are best in show.


  4. LOVE IT ALL!!! Congrats on finally graduating, you’re a big girl now!
    Love you!

  5. Oh my favorite part is the pink luchbox! And that soup looks GOOD, I might have to try it!



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