Welcome Back…!

We’re home! I realize that some of you might not have known that we ever left, but Levi and I made a last minute decision to go to California to visit my sister and brother-in-law and their 4 1/2 month old daughter, Madelyn. We left July 5th and just got back on Saturday. We had an amazing trip that included a good dose of beach time, shopping time, sewing/crafting, watching the Bachelorette finale, relaxation, video games, surfing and playing with adorable Maddie. I’m well overdue for posting some pictures, so here it goes…be prepared for lots of pictures and not too many explanations!

First, I have to mention that my absolutely amazing grandpa, Fred Clifton, passed away just one month shy of his 94th birthday. My mom and I were with him when he passed, and although it was an extremely difficult and painful experience for both of us, we feel truly blessed that the Lord allowed us to be there with him when he went. He was more than ready and I can only now imagine him overjoyed at meeting his Savior and being reunited with his wife of over 60 years. Here is the last picture I have with grandpa, taken just 2 weeks before he died:

He was always smiling like that, and would never let you go without a cheesy joke or two. I miss him already but I am so glad that he will never again have to endure pain or sorrow and that his life has now been made complete in Christ.

Grandpa’s favorite day of the year was July 4th, on which every year we would head out to my grandpa and grandma’s house on Angle Lake. This year, although he was gone, we did not let this tradition pass. We gathered many friends and family and enjoyed a wonderful 4th of July celebration.

We left the next morning for California! It was so great to see my sister and to get to play with Maddie again. She’s getting so big!

How cute is my hubby??

Here’s little Maddie in the sweater I knit for her…so cute!

The boys went surfing, it was Levi’s first time and he was definitely a natural.

Ow ow!

I know that picture is blurry, but I had to show you the look Maddie gets whenever she sees her daddy. So precious!!

We went swimming and took Maddie, who incidentally is an amazing surfer!

My sister and I went back to the Solvang fabric store again and got some more $1/yard fabric. Together, Kate and I made this fun summer dress out of some blue/white seersucker we purchased. I love how it turned out, and Kate and I had so much fun sewing together! We decided that Levi and I need to move to Cali so Kate and I can start our own clothing company called “Kate and Sarah’s Clothing Company” (we thought that a super creative name would be the best way to go).

We wanted to find buttons that had a sort of sailor look, so we got these nautical navy blue buttons.

Finally, Levi and I have something very important to announce to you all….

WE GOT IPHONES! Here’s my new baby:

That’s all for now. I will be crafting this week so I will post later. I’ll leave you with the beautiful fabric that I have lined up for my next projects:


4 Responses

  1. Sarah, The sun dress you and Kate made is soooo adorable! Looks like you had a blast in Cali and how studish is that Levi (surfer-dude) boy!!! Madie is such a sweet little cherib, bet it was hard to leave. You Sarah are very talented! Love You, Mom Seitz

  2. love lovely love! that dress is so super cute. and i love the fabric you’ve got picked out. glad you had a nice time in cali. let’s get together soon!

  3. Love, love, love it all! Did you and Kate work on one dress or two? Maddie looks great in the sweater you made her! xxoo

  4. HEY! Lauren told me about your blog…I have NO idea why I didn’t know about it already! I can’t wait to read it while in Africa…it will be like reading a magazine! I love all your projects! How fun!

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