One Year!

Happy One-Year to us! August 3rd was our anniversary and we had a wonderful, adventure-packed weekend. But first, since I have been so delinquent in my blogging, I will start way back a couple weeks ago when Levi and I decided to have a picnic at Richmond Beach. I made the most delicious dinner (probably one of my favorites so far!) of chicken satays and this awesome cold sesame noodle dish. We barbecued the satays on our grill and then quickly packed everything up and headed to the beach.

For the cooking enthusiasts among us, here are the recipes. You MUST try them! So delicious!! (click the links below for recipes):

Chicken Satays
Peanut Sauce (for the satays)
Soba Noodles with Toasted Sesame Seed Sauce

Last week we nannied my cousins two youngest daughters, Iona (3) and Amie Kate (2). Oh, they are the CUTEST little ones! We stayed over at my aunt and uncles house in Bellevue for the week and had to endure such terrible things as Puppet Shows:

And Story Time:

Oh! If only I could quit my job and make a living out of playing with these two lumps of pure sugar! They were just too much fun, and I am missing them terribly already. I should mention that Iona and Amie Kate are Scottish babes, born and bred in the land of Haggis and bagpipes. They are a little too young for accents, but my favorite thing ever is that Iona says “pardon” if she didn’t hear you! Can you imagine an American kid saying “pardon?” It got me every time!

So, after saying goodbye to our surrogate babies, that weekend Levi and I got to pamper and spoil ourselves. On Friday night we stayed at my aunt and uncles condo downtown. Here was our view:

Then, on Saturday night, we got all gussied up and went to Canlis Restaurant for dinner. Oh my was that amazing!

At Canlis we got to sit at Table One, which is a major privilege! It is their most requested table because it is where Peter Canlis, the founder of Canlis, used to sit every night he dined there. It had a clear view of both beautiful Lake Union and also the honored guests, which meant Peter could see each one of his happy diners from there!

That night we stayed at Willows Lodge which is a beautiful hotel in Woodinville. The next day (Sunday) we went wine tasting at Chateau Ste. Michelle which was divine! However, we were unaware that there was a huge jazz festival going on right in the winery on that day. It was packed! It was still wonderful though, and we had a lovely picnic right on the lawn there. That night we went back home and ate our Anniversary Wedding Cake, which yes, we froze for a year! It was soooooo good! I don’t know how it could have still tasted so good, but it was amazing!

As for crafting, it has definitely slowed down since I started working three weeks ago, but I do have some things to show you! First, I made this cute shirt about a month ago (shame on me for not posting sooner!). Sorry for the weird photo, apparently this is the only one I have and I am too lazy to go try it on again:

Then there was a new addition to our family! My new SERGER!

She’s so pretty and she is really a trooper! For those of you who know about sergers, my favorite thing about her is that she does Cover Stitch (look at the bottom of your tshirts and sleeves, the double straight stitch with a serge on the back is Cover Stitch) which most sergers don’t even do. I am so excited! I made Levi this tshirt last night, but it is a little too tight on him:

I really hope to post more later, but now that I am working full-time it might be a little harder! For those who don’t know, I now work for Childhaven, a nonprofit company on Capital Hill that works with abused and neglected children. I am an Administrative Assistant and I love it! Check out the company:

My family comes next week! I can’t wait! And, my best friend Hannah gets married next Friday…crazy! Things are going to get even more crazy than they already are! I’ll try to keep up…!


4 Responses

  1. So much has happened! Happy one year anniversary! Your shirt is so cute–want to see it in person.

  2. Wow, Levi cleans up pretty good. What up playa!

    Hey I added you guys to my link list on my blog.

  3. That Amy Butler top is cute. Did you use a pattern?

    • Hi Ariane! Yes, I did use a pattern. This is an adaptation of Simplicity 2951, which is a dress pattern. I simply used the pattern to create a top. Worked well, I think! I wear this shirt all the time! Thanks for the comment!

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