Merry Christmas!

We have had a beautiful Christmas season, filled with apple cider, cozy fires, savory soups and, of course, tons of snow!  We are going strong with about 14 inches of lovely snow!  Our house looks so cozy covered in a soft, white blanket.

Our House in the Snow

Our House in the Snow

On Saturday, my hubby decided he wanted to build a legit igloo.  So along with my cousins, we geared up in our warmest weather-proof clothes and worked for hours straight to achieve this:

The igloo in all its glory

The igloo in all its glory

My cousin and I worked for about 4 hours on the igloo, and we finally got tired out.  But Levi and my cousin’s hub kept working until 10 p.m. that night!  It turned out pretty awesome though, so definitely worth it.  That thing is definitely not going anywhere too!  I can see us celebrating Valentine’s Day inside that igloo :).  It’s about 5 ft. tall and probably 8 ft. across.  Amazing!

Last thing I’ll post for today, I’ve been getting into making pies.  This was my most recent creation, and I think it turned out quite perfect.  It sure was delicious too!

Homemade apple pie

Homemade apple pie

"Fancy" lattice work

"Fancy" lattice work

I hope everyone has a Christ-filled Christmas.  Stay warm and enjoy those you love the most!  Merry Christmas!


4 Responses

  1. YAHHHHHH!!!! Christmas!!! And a new post!!!

    Dude the igloo is sick, and the pie looks great! I think I can smell it through the computer!

    Merry Christmas You guys!!!!!!

  2. Love the igloo! Is it still around?

    • No! I can’t believe how quickly it warned up! The poor igloo is now a mess of ice and water piled up in our backyard…only the shell of what was once so majestic and mighty.

  3. No website! Just email….then I saw the date…but I am commenting on your PIE! May sil LOVES apple pies….he says what he loves about my pies is that no two are ever the sae???? Do youhave a foolproof recipe to share?

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