A Few Things.

Happy New Year! 

First off, how adorable is my husband?  He’s showing off the tshirt I made him for Christmas.  (Sorry for the low quality photos, I succumbed to cell phone pics).   He helped me decide what design to applique on.  He wanted the clouds to be Super Mario-esque, and we both liked the way the balloon looked with the design.  It turned out pretty fun, I think! 



I made the tee with my Singer Serger (Quantumlock), which I love.  It does the Cover Stitch, which is a necessity if you want to make professional looking shirts and hems.  If you look at the bottom hem of your tshirt, you will probably see two stitches very close together.  If you turn the stitches around to the backside of the shirt, you will see that the stitches are “serged” together.  This is called the Cover Stitch, and if you are thinking about buying a serger, I highly recommend you look into ones that have the option to do the Cover Stitch (not all do).  You will pay a bit more for this feature, so if you don’t think you’ll use it, consider getting a standard overlock machine.

Here’s one other Christmas present that I actually got around to photographing (again, on my cell phone…sorry!): 


It is a checkbook/coupon holder wallet.  I made it for my dear mother-in-law, who loved it (phew!).  I used some beautiful dupioni silk (the colors are chocolate brown and wine, although it’s very hard to tell) that I had left over from a dress I made.  The chocolate brown fabric used to be curtains.  Oh, how I love recycling fabric!

I’m trying to be better about updating the blog, so maybe I will be inspired to take more pictures.  Have a happy weekend!


3 Responses

  1. I love the wallet! (shirt too, but I already saw that when we visited you!)
    Keep up the blogs.

  2. You have to teach me how to make a tee when you come, it turned out so perfect! Mine sucked! I love the little wallet too!

  3. love the shirt! so cute!

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