Giveaway Day! [UPDATED!]

I had so much fun participating in Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day last year, so I knew I had to join in on the festivities this year!

I’ve put together an Orange Giveaway Package, and I’ll be offering up something handmade and some purchased sewing supplies.  I know what you all came here for, so I’ll cut to the chase…

This giveaway is for a handmade (by me!)  Buttercup Bag, one yard of Valori Wells Olive Rose Curves fabric in Orange, a brand new spool of orange Guttermann thread and a fun mix of orange buttons.  There will be one winner, and I’ll ship out the package after the winner claims their prize.

Now for the formalities.  I’ve made it super simple for you to enter, there are just a few rules:

  • Leave a comment telling me what was the best Christmas gift you ever received.
  • You can earn another entry by subscribing to my blog or letting me know that you already do (leave a second comment letting me know you did).


[UPDATE!] Due to all of your amazing enthusiasm and wonderful comments, I’ve decided to draw a second winner which will be taken from a pool of only those who have SUBSCRIBED to my blog!  Make sure to let me know if you did so I can enter you into the second drawing!  This second winner will be receiving one iPod/iPhone/Camera case (of their choice) from my Etsy Shop.


Please make sure you leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.  I’ll choose the winner randomly and I am willing to ship internationally!  You have until December 6th to enter.

Now go check out Sew Mama Sew and enter some more contests!!

p.s.  iPod/iPhone/Camera Cases are on SALE for just $10.00 in my Etsy Shop!  Purchase any item from my shop and I’ll give you another entry into the giveaway!


622 Responses

  1. My favorite Christmas gift…my engagement ring!

  2. My favorite Christmas gift was a pair of Haflinger boiled wool slippers. 🙂

  3. Best Christmas gift ever………well, I have to say it was a gift card to Sephora. I love that place, but don’t feel justified spending money there. The gift card made it ok to shop and shop.

  4. Also, i subscribe to your blog and love your work. It’s just lovely. Thanks for all the inspiration! the Buttercup Bag is so very pretty.

  5. the best Christmas gift I actually got last year. The Sunday following Thanskgiving last year I got a call that my brother had been in a serious car accident and was being transported to the hospital close to me. He was seriously injured and had a bad brain injury. He was in a coma for several days. He was able to leave the hospital on a pass for a few hours on Christmas and I got to have him and my parents with my family that day. It truly was the best present ever.

  6. My favourite Christmas gift was a patchwork quilt made by my mother some years ago.

  7. The greatest Christmas gift I ever got was an antique desk my father refinished for me! Years later, it is still my favorite piece of furniture.

  8. in fact i don’t remember any unforgetable x’mas gift..
    but i subscribed:)

  9. Jewish, so no Christmas, But last year my husbad got me really sweet small gifts for every night of Hannuka 🙂

  10. Wow greatest Christmas gift ever… getting my first bike as a kid was a pretty good one.

  11. I received a car (toy, not i real one!).
    Kisses from Portugal

  12. My best Christmas gift was my husband coming home (a surprise) from overseas with work (he was there for a year).
    I love the bag in the giveaway. It’s gorgeous.

  13. My favourite Christmas…would be my iTouch, which I bring everywhere!

  14. oh i love this bag…i love the color i love love love…hoping that love chooses me :p

  15. forgot to leave my best xmas gift….mmmmmm gifts I received from “santa claus” when I was in primary hahahahhaa…o and I’ve followed…so I guess it’s okay to comment twice??

  16. best gift ever was handmade home jacket which my kids sewed and painted themself:)

  17. Hi! I love you prize, thanks so much. I have been eyeing off this pattern for a while but haven’t done anything about it yet. Hmm, best Christmas present ever. Well, as odd as it might seem it was actually a Jamie Oliver cookbook- not because of the actual book (although it’s great) but because it was the first present my husband shopped for and thought of all by himslef and he really tried to find something I would love (he’s not that into presents). The funny thing was the next year when he bought me another Jamie cookbook thinking he was going to get the same reponse- of amazement!!

  18. The best gift I ever got as a child was a set of twin baby dolls. I loved those two, and played with them all the time.

  19. I love love love orange! one of my favorite christmas gifts was a pair of earrings my 3 year old picked out for me!!

  20. I relly love to received a new sewing machine :)))))))))
    please count me in!!
    and go to my blog
    I’m hosting this giveaway too :))
    HUGS from Portugal :)))

  21. In the Netherlands we celebrate Sinterklaas on the 5th of December with gifts, and we don’t really get gifts at Christmas. I do love the porcelain ornaments my parents gave me a long time ago for our tree!
    I love your orange package!!!

  22. When I was 8, I got the Barbie RV and that still sits as the best Christmas present ever…not that I havent gotten great gifts since, but it was a shining moment of happiness for me! I love orange and your package is wonderufl, thanks for a chance.

  23. The best Christmas present I ever received, was my piano.

  24. I just became a follower. Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. My favorite gift was an external monitor so that I have a nice big screen to look at when I’m working on photos!

  26. I subscribe to your blog already!

  27. love the buttercup bag!!! since i usually end up buying my own presents from my husband – the best one was the year he bought me handmade jewellery (necklace and earrings) from a metal artist in Israel! am thinking this is a onceevery 10 years thing for my hubby though!

  28. Hmm, we’ll I’d have to say my little munchkin daughter, who was born right around Christmas time!
    Love the bag!

  29. My favorite Christmas gift was my very own sewing machine. I’ve upgraded since then, but it’s still my favorite. Your bag is gorgeous! So fun to find your blog.

  30. That bag is super cute! As for the best gift I’ve received, the one that comes to mind is an out-of-print cookbook from my mother. She and my grandmother have both had the same one since it was printed in the seventies and use it religiously so its recipes are the ones I learned to cook. Right after I got married she was able to find a copy online and gave it to me that Christmas, and I’m still using it today!

  31. I think the best Christmas gift I’ve received lately is coming this year. My sweet sweet boyfriend is going to paint two rooms in our apartment that I have hated the color of since we moved in.

  32. I also subscribe!

  33. It was a beautiful doll that my father gave me ^^ What a happy day!
    Thanks for the chance to win such lovely prizes! This bag is so pretty!!!

  34. Surprisingly, my favorite Christmas gift was from my mother-in-law….a huge Kitchen Aid mixer!

  35. I always love lots of little smaller goodies to open rather than 1 big present-
    I can’t recall any specific present ,but they are usually arts and crafts related 🙂

  36. I love that bag, and I love orange! Thanks!

    • Whoops- forgot to mention my favorite Christmas gift is a tie between an impossible to come by, but magically procured Cabbage Patch kid when I was 8, and the new sewing machine I bought myself this year!

  37. A fountain pen from the man who would latter become my husband, but at the time was just 17. He picked something so unexpected to give me, but just what I loved. Were other boys would give you stuffed animals or chocolate he got me a real useful and beautiful gift. I still have it, and still use it 11 years latter.

  38. I also just subscribed- thanks!

  39. Hi!

    Just added you to my reader. I love the purse you’re giving away!

    Best Christmas present .. last year, I got a sewing machine so I would say that ranks up there!!!

  40. My favorite Christmas gift ever would have to be the year that my sister made me a snowman out of clay. That year she didn’t have much money and was going through a really hard time in her life but she knew I loved snowmen and so she worked really hard to fashion one out of clay and bake it in the oven and then handpaint him for me. I remember crying when I opened it because I knew how much work it took for her to make it for me.

  41. My favorite xmas gift ever was a deluxe kitchen set I got as a child.

  42. Enter me please. I really like your bag!

  43. LOVE! The orange!

    My fave Christmas gift: my very first sewing machine!

  44. Hmmm, my best Christmas present? When I was about 7 or 8, I asked for an Easy Bake Oven, and lo and behold, there was one under the tree!! That totally made my year!

  45. I added you to my sidebar, I am not sure how to be a subscriber.

  46. My favorite Christmas gift was the necklace that my (then) fiancee gave us on our first Christmas together… we’d met in January, were engaged in August, and married the next February!

  47. Hmmm…my favorite Christmas gift ever I got when I was 7. My dad built me this huge (to me) barbie doll house based off a picture my mom took in Germany. It was a little girl’s dream!

  48. What a great giveaway!
    I have a hard time naming favorites…of anything! But one of my favorite gifts came from my father when I was a kid. It was a subscription to some science-of-the-month thing. We’d get a kit in the mail, and there’d be all kinds of experiments, and my dad would do them with me.

  49. The best Christmas gift I ever received was an electronic keyboard when I was in jr high. I wanted to take piano lessons, but did not have a place to practice. That keyboard gave my parents many headaches, and my brother and I hours upon hours of entertainment, as well as a place to practice. I loved piano lessons for four years until we moved away from my teacher Ms. Bonnie.
    mindingmomma at aol dot com

  50. my favorite gift was a hand knit pair of socks…I love them so much that I ask for another pair every year!

    ~amy mcw

  51. My sewing machine!

    What a cute bag! I need to learn to sew purses!

  52. Love the bag AND the fabric that you used. Orange is really becoming a great color this year.

  53. orange is awesome! :)! my favorite christmas gift would have to be when i was 8 – a giant, soft, bigger-than-me teddy bear i named ‘harry.’

  54. favorite christmas gift…. hmmm…. a beautiful dollhouse when I was 12, built by my dad! Love your giveaway!

  55. That bag is super cute! I’d have to say the best gift is a tie between my spinning wheel and my camera.

  56. I know it sounds very practical, but I love the bathroom robe hooks my MIL bought me last year.

  57. Very cute bag–I love the orange theme. My favorite xmas gift might be my sewing machine–it has proven itself very useful time and again.

  58. i live in israel so usally i get gifts for my kids, which is good for me!

  59. and i became a follower

  60. My best Christmas present ever was my 2ed, long awaited child. We found out we were preggers a few weeks into January. Aww.

    btw, loving the orange!

  61. A disguise kit when I was in 4th grade. Still have fun memories of it – a bald head wig, glasses, all kinds of silliness.

  62. The bag is precious!

  63. I’m subscribed to your blog via Google Reader

  64. The best Christmas gift I ever received…..Jesus!

  65. My 2 cup stovetop espresso maker – gets used EVERYDAY and makes me and my husband happy everyday. ~H

  66. my favorite christmas gift was my husband! 🙂

  67. you must know how much i am in love with orange right now!!! my best christmas present i got last year was a handmade quilted tree skirt made with some of modas christmas fabrics! i was so sad to have to take down the tree and pack it away last year!!!

  68. Oh yes! How wonderful. Sign me up. And be sure to come enter my giveaway too. This is fun.

  69. Definitely my art table – probably not the ‘funnest’ gift, but I’ve never gotten more use out of anything else 🙂

  70. A Fishing Rod from my husband who doesn’t fish! I would take my boys when they were little fishing for small catches at the pond and I enjoyed it so much that half the time I would hold their rods to feel the fish bite. My husband decided I need one of my own. I loved it!

  71. I love the Buttercup bag pattern, and the orange really pops! Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. Wow, I really love this bag and this fabric! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Best present I ever received was my first pair of real custom-made horseback riding boots. I had saved up half of the money for them from babysitting, thinking I would buy them for myself, and then my parents surprised me by pitching in the other half and putting them under the tree on Christmas morning. Awesome surprise!

  73. Also, I subscribed!

  74. My two most used Christmas gifts of all time would have to be my sewing machine and my electric tea kettle. But I think my favorite would be the fancy purses I have received from my sister in law. I love purses, but rarely spoil myself!

  75. OMY… that bag is to-die-for!!! The best present was probably when I was in 4th grade and “santa” brought me a basketball hoop. It may seem silly, but for a country girl there wasn’t a lot to do. That gift got a good 8 years of use.

  76.! LOVE all the orange!
    My favorite gift…a small book made by my husband (who was just my boyfriend at the time) of the 25 reasons why he loves me (everything from the way my hands feel when he held them to my wild, curly hair to personality traits). It is one of my most prized possessions!

  77. Love the orange! (And want, want that bag.)

    My favorite Christmas gift was the year my mom bought me a china tea set. I was 13, in love with Jane Austen, and I felt so grown up. She had it important from England!

  78. Very cute! Lovely giveaway! Hhhmmm my best Christmas present ever was my BMX bike when I was little. That was so cool! And then a few years later I remember telling my parents in a gloomy voice “you know you are growing up when you start getting clothes for Christmas.” What an ungrateful wretch I was!

  79. I dont know how to subscribe… being a bit newbie, but I have added your blog to my list of favourites.

  80. I love the orange theme! The purse looks perfectly made.

    Hmm – best Christmas gift ever. I think hands down, it was a knitting needle set from my boyfriend who is now my husband. It was so nice to have him think about what I really would like and go into a yarn shop and pick it out. Sadly, I don’t think we’ve exchanged such nice gifts since then – too wrapped up in the kids and what to get them. We’ll have to work on that.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  81. Added you to my RSS Reader.

  82. I love the buttercup bag! And my favorite color is orange! Count me in!!

  83. The best gift I ever recieved was a record player and some 45’s. then I could listen to MY music anytime. 🙂

  84. one year my husband and i got one another white gold crosses on white gold chains. the funny thing is, i told my best friend what i bought him, he told my best friend what he bought me…so, she knew all along that we had gotten the same thing for eachother. it was really special!

  85. My best Christmas present was the birth of my daughter four years ago on Christmas morning.

  86. The favorite Christmas present I ever received was an engagement ring. My husband and I have been married for over 7 1/2 yrs and are more in love. He proposed a few days after Christmas but it was the best present ever!

  87. Thanks for the adorable give away. My best Christmas present was a bookcase my father made me.

  88. I’m a subscriber.

  89. Love orange!! Funny…because my best Christmas present ever was a orange hair doll with sweet traditional clothes….
    Maria – Barcelona – Spain

  90. I really like your tutorials. I just subscribed to your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  91. That bag is totally cute and I love orange!!! My favorite Christmas gift…I got the cutest little Raggedy Ann tea set when I was a little girl. I played with them for years…

    You do beautiful work…glad to have found you!

  92. Lovely giveaway! My favorite Christmas gift was my HQ16 quilting machine! thanks for the chance.

  93. Wow! Thank you for the opportunity to win, and I’m so glad I was led to your site through Sew Mama Sew! You’ve just got one more follower… : )

  94. The best Christmas gift… when I was maybe 8-9 years old my mom and step-dad bought me this wooden box filled with art supplies. It set me on my way to creativity! I still have the wooden box although the supplies have all been used up. I would count this year since I got an early gift of a new sewing machine. 🙂

  95. hmmm the best christmas gift ever!!! was a trip to be with my then boyfriends family on our first christmas together. i am sure there are tons more but i can not think of others….thanks for the chance to win. i love the orange bag!!! i love your blog and can not wait to read more.

  96. That is a very cute bag!

    • Oh right….best Christmas gift. Doh! The best one I got was when I was a little girl. I wanted a cabbage patch doll so bad. My family couldn’t afford one so I knew I wouldn’t get it. My brother who is 7 years older than me had some allowance and bought me this mini cabbage patch doll from the gas station down the road. I was so happy and impressed that he would do something that nice for me.

      And I still think that bag is very cute!

  97. My best Christmas present ever was the year that I was pregnant with my first baby….I was overflowing with the joy, wonder, expectancy of the season and of her soon to be birth. It was a miraculous Christmas.

    I am following your blog.

    Merry Christmas…..remember to be in the moment and not miss the wonder and joy of the season…many blessings

  98. Mmm, best gift was my 2nd son although he came a few days after Christmas. That was the best part, he wasn’t born on Christmas!
    Super cute orange bag, by the way!

  99. The best gift I ever received was my sewing machine from my mum!

  100. what a pretty bag. I don’t know what my favorite Christmas gift was, last year I got a really great down coat, that was cool!

  101. My best gift’s an easy one, that would be the niece I’m supposed to get this christmas since my sister’s due the 26th (we celebrate christmas on the 25th AND 26th here in Holland).

    And that bag is so pretty and the perfect color for a duthc girl as well, orange is our national color 🙂 Just too perfect

  102. The best Christmas gift I have ever received was an original Cabbage Patch Doll. I coveted that doll and was certain I would never get one. You may have missed the fad, but talk about slugfests in the aisles over toys… nuff said. Anyway, my mom won a doll in a raffle and I received it for Christmas!! Of course I was thrilled, but I did not know until just a few years ago how very precious that gift was. My parents were offered $800.00 for that doll, but chose instead to give it to me. Whoa. Don’t know if I could have been that generous! (Sorry kidlets, I love you, but 800 SMACKERS!!!??) And that is the very long tale of my best gift ever!!

  103. My husband and I found out we were pregnant with our daughter around Christmastime. That was the best gift ever. 🙂

  104. Hmmm.. Best Christmas present ever… I’d have to say it was a St. Bernard puppy I got when I was 8. “Things” are great, but a best friend like that was priceless!

  105. My best Christmas gift ever was a box containing the sheet music for some of my friend’s original piano compositions–I wasn’t expecting it at all, and it was an incredibly meaningful and personal present. Thank you for the lovely and generous giveaway! 🙂 I love the orange!

  106. when i was little, i got this dollhouse for christmas. it was all set up when i woke up (probably so my parents could stay in bed for a few hours extra [: ) and i loved it so much. i think that was my favorite.

  107. My favorite christmas present was a lap desk from my mother in law. She always gives practical presents and I have used that thing a lot with all my crafting!

  108. i love that bag! happy giveaway day! here’s my giveaway

  109. what a yummy batch of goodies! my favorite christmas gift was probably the sewing goodies i got from my family last year. thank you for the opportunity!

  110. Great giveaway! My favorite Christmas gift was my sewing machine last year.

  111. Best Christmas gift – my son, born just 3 days before Christmas. Lovely items!

  112. I don’t know if it was my best Christmas gift ever, but my favourite Christmas gift story is my Grandmother searching and battling to find my sister and I each a cabbage patch doll. My sister was completely disinterested and I have an adorable picture of her wearing the box on her head.

  113. I love the orange theme, especially b/c I’ve been getting into orange more and more lately. The best Chanukah gift I’ve received was a camera.

  114. That’s a tough one! I’ll choose the new sewing machine I got this year a little bit early:)
    Great giveaway!

  115. Oooh, love those orange fabrics! Best Christmas gift? Maybe the Barbie Doll case when I was young. It had THREE sections to hold all the Barbies. I always had them arranged the same way: Barbie and Ken in the first stall, Skipper and Ricky in the second stall, and Barbie luggage and bald Skipper in the third stall. My, that was 35 years ago!

  116. aw that bag is so cute!
    My husband proposed on Christmas Eve, so I’d have to say that is my favorite Christmas gift ever.

  117. best present ever…8mo trip to italy.
    giveaway package is beautiful, as is your site.
    thank you!

  118. I subscribed to your lovely blog!

  119. I love the bag! The best Christmas present I ever received was the toboggan my 3 siblings and I got as a joint present. Even though we are “grown ups” now (I’m the youngest, 18 years old) we still partake in nighttime toboggan runs, along with our dad. We had a close call last year and almost hit a tree! But it’s a blast and gives us something fun to do together around Christmas time.

  120. The best Christmas gift I ever got was my Sewing Machine!!

  121. I have happily subscribed!

  122. The best christmas gift i ever received was a dollhouse my mom made for me when i was five. i still love it.

  123. My favorite gift as a child was a Chatty Cathy doll, I wanted her in the worst way. My little brother Ethan took her outside and left her in the rain the next spring and her battery was fried. I was so heart broken.

  124. Wow! Love the orange…my favorite gift…a sewing machine:-)

  125. I think the Best thing I ever got for Crhistmas was a trip to Disneyland. I don’t think my brothers and I got anything else that year, but it was the first time we’d been anywhere and it was well worth it!

  126. My favorite Christmas gift ever? An airplane ticket home in a year when I had no money for a ticket home…

    Thanks for including me.

  127. One year when I was little I fell in love with this talking bear at the store. My mom being the tricky gal she is told me that she though my sister would love it and preceded to buy it for her. I was devastated. I will admit I cried tears in the store. On Christmas morning I saw the bear under the tree but was super surprised to see my name on the tag!

  128. Super cute purse! And who doesn’t love orange! Thanks fo rhte chance! Best were some earrings from my boyfriend/now-husband. I didn’t think I liked them at first, but now I cherish them!

  129. Awesome giveaway! My favorite gift ever was my Janome sewing machine 🙂

  130. The best Christmas gift I ever received was probably my sewing machine!

  131. How wonderful!

    My Mother painted me the most wonderful portrait of my Father who passed away when I was 15 and gave it to me for Christmas just last year.. an Amazing gift I treasure each and every day!

  132. Thanks for this lovely giveaway. Orange is my absolute favorite color! My favorite Christmas gift ever was from my grandmother a few short months before she passed away. She gave me her very first quilt. Its a signature quilt in red, blue, and white and is “signed” by all the ladies in her quilting circle.

  133. Love your cute giveaway! There aren’t any gifts that stand out as a favorite– but one of my favorite Christmases was when we suprised both my parents and my hubby’s parents that we were pregnant with our first baby and their first grand baby on both sides. So much fun!

  134. Love Valori Wells and the bag is so cute. Best Christmas present ever…an Etch-A-Sketch when I was a kid; I played with that thing constantly.

  135. I now follow your blog. 🙂

  136. My best gift was a little kitten I got a few years ago. Her name is Abby 🙂

  137. I received my grandmother’s engagement ring and wedding band. So sentimental. Love the orange themed giveaway!!!

  138. I got engaged a few days before Christmas (6 years ago) and I count that as my best gift!

  139. yummy! i ♥ orange. my favorite gift and to this day is clementine oranges in my stocking – weird, i know! thanks for the chance to win. warm hugs from colorado, rachel

  140. Beautiful sweaters that my husband (who rarely shops or gives gifts) picked out by himself.

  141. Favorite gift is the play kitchen that Santa left in front of the tree one year! Loved it.

  142. My sewing machine!

  143. My second child was born 3 days before Christmas, so I always consider him my best Christmas gift ever.

  144. About 10 years ago my parents gave me an electric blanket. it’s the most useful gift I’ve received.

  145. I don’t really recalla ny gift in particular, but I loved when -as a child- my parents would leave our gifts on the front door and someone rang the bell and we would be completely convinced it had been Santa, we even saw him flying away!

  146. Wow, great giveaway, thanks! My best Christmas gift ever… I’d have to say my most used gift is my sewing/embroidery machine. Nearly every day for going on four years!

  147. My best christmas gift ever would have to be the huge movie poster my husband got for me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It is one of those big ones they display at the theatre that hang from the ceiling. It hangs in the wall on my house and it goes from floor to ceiling. I love it!

  148. Cute!!! My sewing machine was the best Christmas present I ever received. 🙂

  149. Beautiful beautiful bag and buttons! thanks for the giveaway op! For some reason I am much better at remembering presents I gave than presents I receive. But probably the one I was most excited about was a ridiculous cabbage patch kid when I was approx. 8 years old. Then my brother’s dog bit her nose off. Good times!

  150. I just added your site to my RSS feeder! you sew beautiful things.

  151. When I was a little girl, probably about the age of my oldest child, my parents gave my brothers and I a puppy. It is my fondest memory of childhood. I’m so happy to be carrying on the tradition–we’re getting a kitten for our kids this Christmas!

    Thanks so much for the great giveaway, orange is my favorite color!

  152. I love orange! Thanks for the chance at your giveaway!
    The best Christmas present I ever got was a sewing machine when I was in the sixth grade. I had been learning to sew from my grandmother on her machine, so my whole family pitched in a got me a sewing machine.

  153. sooo cute!
    my favorite gift was a power router from my husband one year. Non-conventional, yes, but fun and useful as well.

  154. My best gift was the pair of green seaglass earrings my girlies gave me (bought off etsy). At first I had nothing to wear them with since I was limited in green clothing. But that changed and now I probably wear them too often!

    Your buttercup bag is a nice splash of a color I don’t have either. So it would be a welcomed gift!

  155. My best Christmas gift ever was received the year I was 10. We went to mass and when we came back to our hotel there was a new doll and a beautiful doll pram waiting for me. I loved it!

  156. My favorite Christmas present has to be my Singer Futera embroidery machine, it has made everything so much easier! What a great giveaway my dd fav color right now is orange so I hope I win 😉 !

  157. I love the orange! My best Christmas present ever would be my first sewing machine from my hubby on our first Christmas together! It was a total surprise and even though that was 29 years ago, it still works! He had the ladies in the shop show him how it worked so I could get started sewing right away!

  158. LOVE the orange…you make such beautiful things!! Thanks for giving!!

    SO MANY favorite Christmas gifts…but by far it has to be all of my sewing and crafty gadgets and I am lucky to have such a generous family…my serger and Cricut Expression from my folks, and my Embroidery machine from my loving husband are definitely my TOP 3!! Have a great giveaway!!

  159. Adorable bag!!! I orange!!!

    The best Christmas present? Oh, that’s hard to say. I’m extremely sentimental, and I was thrilled when my mother-in-law gave me her parents’ crystal cocktail shaker as a gift (and a great set of martini glasses to go with it).

  160. My favorite Christmas present will be this year when I get to celebrate with most of my family! I can NOT wait!

  161. My best ever christmas present so far was my little miniature schnauzer, we rescued him from the shelter on christmas eve, he was 11 at the time so he was very old but it was so wonderful to share christmas with him and treat him to a much better life ❤

  162. Gosh the best gift was the first Christmas after I was married my son was born….My Momma told me he’d arrive that day………….he was late and has been ever since.

  163. My favorite Christmas gift is probably my KitchenAid Mixer my hubby bought me.

  164. I love orange…totally love it.

    My favorite Christmas was a few years ago when all the boys were home for Christmas.

  165. What a cute purse! Thanks for helping to make giveaway day as awesome as it is 🙂
    I can’t quite decide between two Christmas gifts – I collect nativities, and when I was in second grade I got my first “really special” (e.g. big and breakable) nativity from Santa. My mom wrote a special dedication on the back of the manger in gold pen, and I was totally floored when I saw it behind my stocking. I remember that morning to this day.
    Then, my grandmother had been working on quilts for my sister and I for years, and she finally gave them to us for Christmas the year I went to college, ten years almost to the day from when she started it. I’d grown up watching her put it together piece by piece, and it was sure a thrill to see them under the Christmas tree that year, even though I already knew we were going to get them.

  166. A baby in my belly 😉

  167. My best Christmas present was a quilt made by my mother, who spent a lot of time doing it just for me =..)

    Thank you for this oportunity to win the giveaway.


  168. The best was on our first Christmas, after buying a house, my husband somehow saved enough money to buy me a pair of diamond earrings. That was 25 years ago, and sadly they have both been lost in the last 5 years, (at different times) but the memory is still so precious to me.
    I love the orange theme! Will go great with my green suede shoes! Thank you for the giveaway.

  169. Consider me subscribed! Love your work.

  170. Best gift I ever got? My sewing machine.

  171. Best gift ever? My grandmother made me these beautiful pine needle baskets once. So lovely! I wish she would tell me how to make them.

  172. Got married on December 18, 1983 — my sweet husband was and is the best Christmas present I ever received!

  173. (I think orange is becoming my new favorite color)
    My favorite christmas gift has to be my teddy bear I had growing up. I loved it for SO many years. Sadly when I went on my graduation trip after high school my father thought it would be a nice surprise (which it was) to redo my bedroom and he donated my childhood things. I will always remember my bear.

  174. I’m a follower.

  175. a handmade fabric butterfly! My daughter puts so much love into her creations.
    Tied for second: my son’s powerpoint presentation on why I’m such a great mom.

  176. A beautiful wedding and time with all of my family – just last year! Thanks for the giveaway.
    jmhamlin826 AT yahoo DOT com

  177. My husband got me a wonderful digital camera the first year we were married.

  178. This purse is delicious! The best gift I ever received was my GPS from my hubby last year- it’s been a loyal friend in many a bind (getting lost!). 🙂

  179. I subscribe.

  180. Ooooo…those buttons look yummy!
    This years present will be my best ever.
    It’s truly the gift of my life – I will have my final chemo session on Christmas eve and then ol’ Chris Kringle will be swooping down my chimney with a clean bill of health!
    Happy Holidays!!!

  181. I think one of my best gifts ever was from my husband many years ago. He gave me a blue pussy willow vase that is just so beautiful. My husband is not a shopper and especially does not like shopping for anything for the home so to see this beautiful hand made vase and know that he took the time to find this for me was special. I’m pretty sure that was the last hand made gift I got.

  182. I’m now a follower, can’t wait to get reading!

  183. My favorite gift this year is finding out that I’m expecting our second baby! LOVE the purse!

  184. I think the best present was a first edition of Roger Tory Peterson’s Guide to Birds from 1934! (Obviously I like birds) My husband is the best.

  185. I’m following you via RSS feeds now! Thanks for the opportunity!

  186. My favorite gift was a kitchen aid mixer. My hubby got it for me after I caught my other one one fire :-).

  187. My favorite Christmas gift was a Barbie bath and shower set when I was about 7 years old! I have great memories of that toy!

  188. Cute bag! I have a bad memory, so I’ll have to say the sweetest gift was my husband sneaking some cool striped socks and a giftcard to my favorite yarn shop into my stocking last Christmas!

  189. The best gift I’ve ever received was from my brother, when he was six. He made the cutest beaded christmas tree ornament, and gave it to me.

  190. P.S. I just subscribed!

  191. The best Christmas present I ever received was my Barbie Dream house. Just the name “Dream House” makes me smile! I loved it. Still have it in storage. One day I’ll put it up for my little Emma Jayne….

  192. My favorite Christmas gift of all time was my daughter (she came five days AFTER Christmas but still) – I’m thankful for her every day! 🙂

  193. **Band nerd alert** One of my favorite Christmas gifts ever was a trombone when I was in 6th grade. I warned you I was a band nerd!

  194. I love that bag! One of the best Christmas gifts I have gotten is when my mom gave me tons of fabric to make my own quilt! Such a good idea!

  195. My best gift was getting a cd boom box with a bunch of cds…did I just date myself 🙂

  196. I got a CD player when I was 12 and it was a BIG DEAL. That’s probably my favorite!

  197. Our son, who is in the Air Force, got to come home for Christmas & had tickets to a Dallas Cowboy football game for all of us!

  198. I just subscribed to your fantastic blog!

    My best Christmas present ever was a painting my nephew made for me. He did it in art class when he was 6, then asked his mom if he could get it mounted and framed for me! It hangs in pride of place in my home.

    Great contest, thanks so much for it!

  199. My husband and then my son! I was married at Christmas time, and then had our son on the 28th 3 years later. 🙂

  200. My favorite Christmas gift is a pair of Uggs- so warm and cozy!

    The bag is stunning! Thank you for this opportunity!

  201. Wow– what a generous giveaway!

    Best Christmas gift…my Mom gave me some of the ornaments my grandmother hand-sewed years and years ago. They remind me of my childhood and I’m so glad I have them to share with my own daughters!

    Thanks for the opportunity and take care!

    secretcake (at) yahoo (dot) com

  202. The best Xmas gift I’ve ever received is all my patchwork tools (mat, cutter, hoops…eetc) from my mam! thanks for the giveaway, it’s very generous!

  203. My best gift was from my best friend. She hunted down a signed copy of my favorite book. The book is not sold any where so this was a lot of work. The thought behind it was what made it so special to me.

  204. Best Christmas gift ever… kinda cheesy, but my engagement ring.

  205. I’d love to win your giveaway! One of my favorite holiday gifts was the chemistry set I received when I was 10 — had a lot of fun with that….

  206. Hmmm. Probably my sewing machine!

  207. The best gift I ever received was my spinning wheel from my dear husband! He is so thoughtful and always tries really hard to get just the right thing! Thanks for the chance to win–those are some lovely oranges!

  208. Best gift ever was a camera I got way back in middle school from my parents. It was a normal film camera, but I loved it and used it for a long while until I got my digital one (which now never leaves my bag).

  209. My favorite gift was my new puppy, Chief. He was such a cute little surprise from my hubby!

    That’s such a cute bag! I have got to learn to make that!

  210. YUMMY on the orange. Love orange. Thanks for the great giveaway! hugs.

  211. Ok I was going to say the new sewing machine that I’m getting TODAY is going to be the best Christmas present ever, but really, having my preemie baby home and healthy last year was the best Christmas present.

    Orange is great!

  212. Favorite Xmas gift is $$$$. Thanks for the giveaway.

  213. I’m a new follower.

  214. ORANGE! I have been wanting some orange lately; I don’t have nearly enough.

    I’ve subscribed to your feed. Thank you!

  215. best Christmas present ever = my 2nd son – born a couple days before Christmas. Best Christmas ever, too!

    I love that orange bag – I have a chair slipcovered in the same fabric!!!

  216. My favorite gift was a “Party Kitchen” I got when I was 3!! I still remember how excited I was about it. I played with it so much and would decorate it for special occasions.

    I love that bag!

  217. What a fun giveaway! Great choices– and gorgeous bag!

    The best gift I’ve ever received might have been my Coach purse… how silly does that sound? Really, I’m not THAT materialistic… I promise.

  218. I love all things orange and that purse is adorable. The best gift I ever got was my sewing machine. I coulnt’ possibly imagine my life without it.

  219. Possibly the best Christmas gift I ever received was back in the 1960’s when my husband, a Marine, returned from overseas after a long tour, and saw our first born (a girl) for the very first time. I don’t think anything could top that. Back in those days, a military person got a telegram when there was an important happening back home, such as a birth. There was no Internet or computers or cell phones, etc. Imagine that compared to today! Hope to win that beautiful orange purse and fabric! Thank you!

  220. I LOVE the orange bag! WOWEE!

    Best Christmas gift ever…two years ago my partner and I closed the deal on our house on Dec. 19th. Though that’s not technically a Christmas gift it was the best Christmas ever.

  221. My best Christmas present was a creepy crawler machine when I was about 11.

    lianne-nichols at hotmail dot om

  222. my mom’s engagement ring!

  223. The best Christmas gift I ever received was my Sony Cyber-Shot camera. I have taken some amazing photos with it! I love your orange giveaway, thanks for a chance to win!

  224. Easy! A vintage English style navy blue dolly pram. Complete with white rubber tires and chrome spokes. I just adored it and remember thinking that I must be very important to recieve such a gift.

    Lovely Giveaway! Orange is my new favorite color 😉

  225. I thought this was a hard question, but then I let my mind go… and realize that it was the Make and Bake oven I got when I was 5 or 6.

    The orange theme is great!!

  226. Best holiday gift ever…. plane tickets to Boston to see my best friend. My mom always knew just how to surprise me!

  227. I love gift cards. I know lame.

    The bag is beautiful!

  228. I love this bag!

    My best Christmas present was the year I was engaged and my fiancee got me all sorts of little things he knew I loved.

  229. what a beautiful pouch!


  230. Best gift? Wow, I can’t decide. But I am currently wearing some toasty wool socks I got last Christmas. 🙂

  231. I love it all!! What a pretty bag!!!

  232. I am now following your blog!! Cant wait to check it out!

  233. Favorite Christmas gift-Strawberry Shortcake Kitchen when I was four years-old!

    I am subscribing to your blog as soon as I leave this comment!
    Beautiful stuff, Sarah! You are so talented…runs in your family for sure 🙂

    • Hi Laura! So glad you visited! Kate is talented on a completely different level though…that girl can make anything look adorable and in like 10 minutes! I don’t quite have that skill :). I’ll be coming to Cali in January so it will be fun to see you!!

  234. My cabbage patch kid was a pretty great one!

  235. Oh I hope, I hope! Orange is my favorite color – best gift was a collection of handmade earrings from my husband.

  236. When i was a child in the churchclub they gave us each christams book, I still have them all

  237. Love the orange theme! My best Christmas present ever was my sewing machine 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  238. Best gift EVER (Christmas or not), was my first (and so far, only) sewing machine. I haven’t managed to make my bags as neat as yours, though…

    And… wow, I love that orange package! Fingers crossed!!


  239. Gotta make me one of those buttercup bags..I’ve got it bookmarked somewhere. Seems I like everyone else’s fabric choices better! Ha

  240. Sorry…my best gift was my first sewing machine 25 years ago…

  241. The best gift ever was finding out I was expecting just a few days before Christmas!

  242. I used to LOVE my barbie dolls….

    Please enter me in the draw – Dione

  243. I subscribe to your blog through google reader! 🙂

  244. A trip to Niagara Falls. It was fabulous.

  245. My best ever pressie was a jewellery box from my fiance – beautifully carved from 1 piece of wood.

  246. Beautiful orange-y-ness going on here!
    The best present I ever got was probably a Serger from my brother. It’s come in handy. And it was a total surprise!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  247. My favourite Christmas present was a little early but two years ago we got another baby boy 🙂

  248. the best christmas gift i ever got was my dog, ziggy, when i was in 1st grade

  249. My favorite Christmas present was a pair of ice-skates when I was 16.

  250. I LOVE Orange! It is my favorite color which isn’t really very common so I am glad to see it being used in all it’s glory like this. The best Christmas gift I ever got was a homemade jewlery box made by my husband, then boyfriend. What made it so special was that it was homemade. But this is tied with a quilt my mom made for me last year. What can I say I am a sucker for homemade gifts.

  251. My favorite was my visit with my brother shortly before he passed from cancer. What a bittersweet gift it was.

  252. What a great giveaway! My favorite Christamas gift is the Cricuit machine that hubby gave me last year. It can make just about anything and even cuts fabric! Now if I could just find time to use it!!

  253. My best gift was last year when my husband proposed marriage to me. After 11 years of dating it was time.

  254. My cat when i was a six-year-old 🙂

  255. my favorite Christmas present was last year, when my husband bought me a huge mailbox! sounds weird, I know, but we have a super nosy small town mailman, and not having to hear him ask what’s in my packages – priceless!

  256. My best gift for Christmas was last year watching my daughter enjoy her first Christmas! I also love James Avery jewelry that I usually get ever year! 🙂 Great giveaway! Hope I win! 🙂

  257. I’m a new subscriber! Thanks!

  258. My husband came home early from Iraq last year. Had the whole family in tears and jumps! Best present ever!

  259. the best christmas present i ever received was my hot pink barbie corvette 🙂
    i’m starting to follow your blog as well because I LOVE IT! i keep clicking on “older posts” to keep reading!

  260. Ok, so let me start off by saying YES I KNOW I’M SPOILED! My all time best Christmas Gift was back when I was 17 my parents gave me a car. They wrapped up the keys and played aloof when I asked what they were for. My dad just kept saying “I don’t know” and my mom finally said “why don’t you go look in the garage?” There waiting for me was a pretty little yellow car complete with a big red bow on top. I think I screamed and then cried. It was fun!

    Apart from that, my husband always does the “12 days of Christmas” for me and gets me 12 of something then 11 then 10 (you get the idea) the gifts are always really cheesy, but oh so cute and special to my heart.


  261. I just subscribed!


  262. Maybe my “boom box” when I was 9! Don’t know if it was my favorite but it was definitely memorable! It meant I was a “big kid”! 🙂

  263. my favorite present was a gift certificate to a seed company – I got seeds for my garden with some friends – Love watching the garden grow!

  264. Oh, I love orange! The best Christmas present I ever received was my first sewing machine!

  265. my best christmas gift would have to be the weeping willow tree that my parents gave me and i had planted in the front yard of my house. i am a recycling/environmentally conscience/green nut of a woman and loooved this gift!!!

  266. Beautiful Bag!! My favourite gift would have to be craft supplies!!!

  267. Well you have a ton of comments I see cause you orange bag is so super fab! I so so want:) The best Christmas gift I ever got was a Raggedy Ann doll and matching dress for me. My mom, who does not really like to sew made it for me so it was made with lots of love. Now she knits and enjoys making gifts for us.

  268. oh oh oh! I love orange.

    Best gift ever. My sewing machine. Hubs picked it out himself and it’s perfect!

  269. I’m now a follower!

  270. Orange is my favorite color! My favorite Christmas gift would be last year, getting to spend one last Christmas with my boys and my father before he died 3 weeks later. The older I get, the more important family gets (and I’m only 33!) Thank you for the opportunity!

  271. Best Christmas gift ever has to be the mini sewing machine my parents bought me when I was five. The needle wasn’t very sharp, and the stitches were loose…but I was in love. I played with that for several years before I “graduated” to my mom’s machine. Happy memories!! 🙂

  272. The best Christmas gift I got was last year when my fiance got us plane tickets to Japan and China! It was an amazing 3 weeks we had in Asia! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  273. My best gift was…I think maybe a computer I got one year. I never can think of a good answer to that question because I love EVERY gift I’ve ever gotten!

    albeaton (at) aol (dot) com

  274. Love this! 🙂

  275. Best Christmas present ever was my Scottie pup I received last year.

  276. My favorite Christmas over the years – and there have been 51 of them – was the year I was in 6th grade and received fabric 🙂 Yes, I addicted even then! Lovely fabric… thanks for offering it!

  277. The best gift ever was a video camera when I was pregnant with my first child.

  278. The best Christmas gift I ever got was a gift certificate for a facial. Very nice!

  279. Wicked cute purse! I love the stripey lining.

    As for the best Christmas gift I ever received — that’s hard! My mom just gave me a pretty good one — a plane ticket home to my family for Christmas, when I didn’t think I’d be able to go because of the price of airline tickets. Also, years ago a boyfriend gave me a type-writer key necklace, which I completely love and still wear all the time.

  280. OMG – I love the bag, it’s DEVINE!
    My bestest ever Christmas Pressie was a huge jar of cookies last year – I don’t know exactly why but it just made my eyes boggle and salivia started to dribble – yes, gluttony was knocking at the door!

  281. Best is hard to decide but I would have to say Mr Milo my lil man who was born on the 30th of last Dec

  282. The best Christmas present I ever got was my sewing machine from my husband.

  283. The Christmas just days before my husband and I got engaged, we surprised each other with handmade blankets. I made him a quilt, and he crocheted me a blanket. We obviously were thinking the same thing 🙂

  284. What a great giveaway! I love the bag….and of course all things orange:) As for my favourite Xmas present…it was actually something we did for my stepsons…they travelled to where we live to spend the holidays with us and we surprised them with a house…with their two rooms decorated….it was so oo much fun!

  285. My dad got me a leather motorcycle jacket for Christmas when I was 15!! It was sooo awesome.

  286. I’m a follower! Hi!! 🙂

  287. my favorite Christmas/birthday gift is a swift! Granted, my husband got it so he doesn’t have to be a human swift anymore when I wind yarn! 🙂

  288. I subscribed your blog via google reader!

  289. I love your purse, and I hope I win it. The fabric and thread are pretty nifty, too. I’m signing up to receive your feed, so I’ll be back. Thank you.

  290. My best Christmas present ever was my sewing machine!!!

  291. It seems like I’m not the only one who enjoyed this gift the most, but I’d definitely have to say my engagement ring!

  292. I’ve signed up.

  293. Best Christmas gift I ever got was from my Dad, each year, he would take my cousins, my sister and I out for a date night with him, he would take us out to a wonderful little italian restaurant and then to the theater, we went to many plays over the years including operas, and even the ballet one year. We always stopped for hot chocolate on the way home and I looked forward to it every December.

  294. My best Christmas gift.. when I was about 9 I got a world traveller Cabbage Patch Kid, I was so excited I cried.

  295. My favorite Christmas prezzie? So hard to think! I want to just go with my daughter, who was born on Dec. 10. That counts, doesn’t it?

    Love your giveaway!

  296. Also, I’m going to follow your blog in Google Reader, so here is my second entry!

  297. I love give aways. One of my best christmas gifts was a miniture human skeleton set. (i’m really into osteology)

  298. The best Christmas gift I’ve ever received was my sewing machine! She’s nearly a year old already! Thanks for the giveaway!

  299. …and I’m a follower!

  300. Best gift ever was a mountain bike when I was around 10 or so, I’d been wanting that specific bike for 3 months, and it had passed me by for my birthday 2 months before, I’d given up then it was in another room Christmas morning and I didn’t find it till several hours after opening gifts, it was awesome!

  301. I totally love this bag! I love the quilt I got from my grandma the Christmas before I was married.

  302. awesome giveaway. love the colour.
    best xmas gift was last xmas – my hubby bought me the most gorgeous used guitar. hands down, no other gift before or after will ever compare!

  303. My engagement ring almost 8 years ago…8 years…wow…has it really been that long?

    Anyway, my favorite color is orange, and has been since high school…that should give me 2 entries right?? 🙂

  304. A pearl ring that wasn’t the engagement ring I thought it was…but we did end up getting engaged and almost 20 years later…

    Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway! You’re far too generous!
    Merry Christmas!

  305. The best Christmas gift I’ve ever received is handmade goodies from my best friend. She is so talented and I love everything she has made me – from the big things to the little things.

  306. My best gift was a Barbie doll when I was 8. Cute bag.

  307. I really loved last year when I received a FQ of 30 Heather Bailey fabrics- the Pop Garden line that is one of my favorites.

  308. The best gift I ever received??? Hmm… Probably our camera, though I’m hoping to update this holiday season.

  309. A camera, though I’m hoping for a new one this year.

  310. My best Christmas gift……I think it would be My American Girl doll when I was 9 (20 years ago least you think i’m 10)

  311. Best gift right now that I can think of is our waffle maker! I got some great quilting fabric from my dad last year – that he picked out! I really liked that. Thanks for the chance to win some orange goodies!!!!

  312. What a fantastic giveaway! I asked my father to make me a candelabra when I was 16. I got it 4 years late, when I had completely forgotten about it, but it is a beautiful, spiral-y, spiky sculpture taller than me. Stunning, unexpected, and handmade by my papa. Tough to top.

  313. Ooh! And I added you to my google reader. Yay!

  314. One of the best presents was my first sewing machine when I was 11 years old. I sewed on it for about 15 years then my husband gave me a new Pfaff for Christmas

  315. I have a short term memory, but last Christmas my husband bought me a serger with no hinting at all and I’ve used it so much.

  316. My best gift – my Garmin since I am directional challenged.

  317. my daughter. she’s the best ever.

  318. My Dad was strict about make up / dresses / dating – the usual Dad doesn’t want his little girl to grow up stuff – for my sixteenth Christmas he gave me an eye make up set with shadows, liner, and mascara. Everybody cried, nobody told him I’d been using it for years.

  319. My favorite childhood gift was a Barbie head where I could practice practice ‘styling’ hair… it’s how I learned to french braid! 🙂

    I love orange and your giveaway is very generous… thanks for the opportunity! -Michelle

  320. Your blog is now a permanent fixture on my Google Reader… I’m anxious to take a closer look at your tutorials!

  321. My best Christmas ever was the first one after being married. My husband spet hours in Michaels and found amazing scrapbooking things that I didn’t even know existed! lol I felt like a little kid!

    That purse is amazing!

  322. Getting to see my brother!

  323. I love my birthstone ring I got from my Hubby 2 years ago!

  324. Your orange bad is beautiful! I love it! I have been getting into orange more lately and really like these items. Thanks for this chance to win!

    Feel free to check out my free giveaway at

  325. My best Christmas is always the one I spend with family. Like the little boy said, ‘love is the sound you hear when you stop making noise on Christmas day.’
    Merry Christmas!

  326. I just subscribed to your site! Love your stuff 🙂

  327. I love this bag! Orange is turning out to be a favorite color of mine lately.
    Happy Holidays!

  328. Ooo boy, I’d love to win this!

    It’s a bit corny but my favourite Christmas present really is getting to spend Christmas with my family each year. There’s so much badness going on in the world I’m just grateful I still have my whole family, really!


  329. I don’t celebrate Christmas but would still love to enter. Orange is my favorite color! I will tell you about a great gift I recently got from my in-laws if that works. They gave me a 1920’s art deco cedar hope chest they found in the attic of the house they just bought. It has a little drawer in the bottom for sewing stuff and that was full of wooden spools of thread, old buttons and other sewing notions. I love it!

  330. I am now subscribed to your blog. And I just want to add that I love this prize. Whoever gets it is very fortunate.

  331. Last year I received an iPod Touch. They’re super expensive, so I wasn’t expecting it, but it’s been the greatest thing for me. I had a baby during the year, and the fact that I could surf the internet during middle-of-the-night feedings was the only thing that kept me sane (and awake) for those first few months. It’s also been super handy while traveling so we don’t always have to tote the laptop around.

  332. I don’t have a best Christmas gift as a child, but I love the Longaberger baskets I have received!

  333. I subscribe to your blog (yay)!

  334. The best Christmas present I’ve ever received was the original one born on Christmas day, Jesus Christ. He’s changed my life.

  335. Best Christmas gift was a bag that my husband got me, because he told me later on that since I made such a big deal over loving it but not wanting to spend the money, he “took a call”, snuck around the store and bought it before I had even left. So out of character for him, and a fun story for me.

  336. Very cute bag!

    My best Christmas gift: last year my daughter (who was 4) wanted to make me something all by herself. It was a glued together mess of scraps and strings that she called an ordament, but she did every part all by herself!

  337. That is the cutest bag ever! My favourite christmas gift would be the year that I didn’t get gifts, but instead a plane ticket home to see my family. Thanks for the chance to win.

  338. One Christmas my Grandmother couldn’t afford presents, so she let me choose a “knicknack” from her shelf as my present.

  339. I think my favorite gift was a special cross necklace that my father picked out for me. It’s a really long story but he sold something in one of his collections to purchase the cross.

  340. Best Christmas gift? Last year my Dad spent months scanning hundreds of old family photos (like back to my great-greats!) and old family movies, and then organised them and burned them on DVD so we all had copies…most I had never seen before.


  341. i like ornage! last year my FIL got me a gold and diamond hear necklace. i don’t typically like gold but this is pretty. but you know what topped it? my sewing machine the my husband bought me with 50 stitches!

  342. Hmm… My grandmother gave me a cashmere sweater that I wore to shreds. I loved it!

  343. my dad got me an engraved bracelet a few years ago that was v. special because he never seems to do any of the Christmas shopping (not that I mind, my mom does a great job!) but that was nice, coming from him.

  344. A huge doll… I cannot remember how old I was, but it was amazing.

  345. My fave Christmas gift was a Christmas water globe from my hubby when I thought they had all sold out!

  346. I’m a follower

  347. I have received many lovely things over the years, but I think one of my favorites still is the afghan my grandmother knitted me the year before she passed (1979). I still use it on my bed in the winter.

    Thank you & Merry Christmas.

  348. My parents made me a tee-pee one Christmas out of cardboard — it was huge, I fit in it with a couple of friends, and lots of other “Indian Princess” themed handmade gifts.

  349. The best? Probably an American Girl doll. When I was 16. When I was little and wanted one SO badly, my parents couldn’t afford it. When I was 16 for some reason they could and bought one for me and my sisters.

    you can contact me at

    Thanks for your generosity!

  350. This giveaway is so me its crazy! (I am a notorious tangerine orange lover!)

    I’ve gotten some awesome Christmas gifts, but I always remember the year I got a playmobil dollhouse. It was awesome.

  351. And I am subscribing to your blog!

  352. My husband proposed to me on Christmas 7 years ago–hands down the best gift I ever received. : )

  353. The best Christmas gift I ever received was when Santa brought me TWO dollies!

  354. Best Christmas gift — a dollhouse when I was about 7.

    Great prizes! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  355. The best gift was a pair of green seaglass earrings from my girlies (bought from etsy) that are my favorite. At first, I didn’t have any thing to wear them with but now may wear them too often.
    Your orange buttercup bag is delightful!

  356. Best Christmas present ever was a pink powder-puff huffy racer with training wheels when I was 6. It’s the only new bike I’ve ever had. We’re going to be remedying that situation this Christmas!

  357. The best present I recieved was from my 9yr old son last year. He made me a necklass and earings out of polished stones, he did this all by himself!

  358. That bag is dreamy!!!!

    My fave Christmas gift was when my husband told me to unwrap his arm … because my gift was underneath it … when I did I saw that he had my name tatooed on his arm! I fell into his arms crying as I couldnt believe he would do that for me … he is SOOOO needle phobic.

    Thanks for asking 🙂


  359. My bets gift ever was this year – an early xmas gift from my husband – a new sewing machine!

  360. I just subscribed to your blog.

  361. My husband proposed (officially) on Christmas eve when I was in high school. 🙂

  362. I’m terrible! I can’t remember the best I’ve ever received. I do love to give though, that’s my favorite part!

  363. I so have the pattern for this bag and just haven’t found the right fabric for it. LOVE the orange!

  364. Best Christmas gift ever… that’s an easy one. My husband proposed to me on Christmas Day 2004. I was very surprised!

  365. I now follow your blog (on blogger).

  366. Oh! So lovely! Love the color! The shape of the bag is really perfect!

    Best Christmas present ever? When I was about 9 or so I got a pink Barbie camper. THAT was AWESOME! 🙂


  367. My baby girl without a doubt – lovely giveaway, great blog, I’ll be back!

  368. What a wonderful giveaway!
    I think the best Christmas gift I received was my sewing machine that my husband offered me last year. Love it!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  369. I am a subscriber!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  370. My best Christmas gift? My sewing machine! Thanks for participating 🙂

  371. P.S. I also just subscribed to your blog 😀

  372. Love the bag and fabric.
    My favorite christmas gift was probably the year my Grandad gave me a big picture Bible

  373. Oh, this is going to sound schmaltzy, but the bes gift I ever got was the last Christmas with my brother’s late girlfriend, she was really ill and still wanted to have Christmas at their house even though we’d had a bad ice storm. We made it happen, shuttling people around in an SUV with cables on the tires, doing pick up and delivery, cooking all day starting at 6 AM and it was just the best, most delightful day ever and the view out the windows was just sparkling. Yep, best day ever.

    Thanks for a fun drawing, love ORANGE!


  374. I think my favorite gift was the Gypsy I just got from my mom. I got it a little early but, that doesn’t matter.

  375. Awesome buttercup bag! I love it!

    Fav christmas gift ever…each year my husband gets me an ornament. It started before we were married. The first year he bought me a promise tree ornament that little up and had little gold ornaments. It’s still my favorite!

  376. Love the orange! Great blog and am looking forward to getting to know you through it. My best Christmas gift was when someone hired a Dickens choir to stop by my holiday party and sing. It was magical.

  377. Happy to subscribe and add you to my blogroll!

  378. wow what a lot of comments for this great giveaway – thanks!
    gill x

  379. That is a beautiful orange set! I think my best Christmas gift has been my Electrolux vacuum cleaner! Not very exciting, i know, but i couldn’t live without it 😀 Looking forward to exploring your blog and etsy!

  380. Best present ever? I remember a giant treasury of fairy tales when I was about 7. I curled up in my favourite chair and read that whole thing before I played with anything else. I’ve always loved books.

  381. So cute!

  382. I’m pretty excited about my christmas gift this year, I got a new sewing machine!!

  383. Love, love the orange! The color orange always makes me smile. Your blog is wonderful and look forward to seeing all of your new creations.
    My favorite Christmas gift will be for this coming holiday. My baby sister will be home for two weeks from China. It will probably be the best gift ever.

  384. My favorite Christmas gift was when my dad surprised me by making me a shop table for my garage.

  385. Wow… Best Christmas present… The first Christmas I was dating Mr. Grapefruit he got me these beautiful trousers, green fat corduroy with tiny yellow embroided stars all over. I totally loved them. They don’t exist anymore, though. I wore them thin and they passed away a couple of years ago.

    And Mr. Grapefruit now asks what I want instead of being adventurous. Too bad!

  386. Best gift ever was…$250 gift card to bed bath and beyond. I bought a super nice espresso maker and that is definitely the gift that keeps on giving!

  387. I have now subscribed to your blog!

  388. LOVE LOVE LOVE the orange!!

  389. The best present I ever received was my son coming home from overseas when he was in the Air Force to surprise me for Christmas. That same year, his little sis painted a small table for me. I still use it!! It’s got so much of her personality in the colors she chose.

  390. My daughter was born Dec. 19th, so I’m going to have to be a sap and say her birth, because she was due Jan 8th! Thanks for the great giveaway, this is a fun way to discover blogs and etsy shops!

  391. Also, I just subscribed to your blog 😉

  392. I don’t usually go for orange fabrics (I only have a few), but I love this! The bag looks wonderful.
    My favorite Christmas present was a purple tape player boom box when I was in 6th grade. I listened to music almost constantly after that!


  393. I’ve subscribed! Yeah!

  394. I can’t think of any one “gift” as in the kind you unwrap that sticks out in my mind. However, I think I get the greatest gift every year: time with our family spent in the best way possible – celebrating Christmas. Not everyone is so blessed as to spend the holidays with their family, so especially at this time of the year I try to remember to be grateful for family.

  395. I LOVE your bag. It is very cute and I love the colors! Please pick me!

  396. I subscribed to your blog! I forgot to leave my favorite Christmas gift. It has to be the amazing pen and ink pictures my Mother hame me two years in a row.

  397. An organ was my favorite Christmas as a little girl.

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. I am also doing a giveaway. I have two blogs, and

    My 9 year old daughter is having a giveaway on her sewing blog as well,

    Hope you’ll stop by and have a look around and enter our giveaways.

    Have a blessed day.


  398. Ohhhh! I love your orange bag! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! My favorite Christmas gift was my sewing machine. 🙂

  399. The best Christmas gift…hmmm….easy! My sewing machine. My in-laws got it for me the year after I married their son. They paid $70 for it on Black Friday and gave it to me early. I have used it TONS. I knew nothing about sewing than, now I use it almost EVERY day!!

  400. I’d have to say my Kindle reader last year 🙂

  401. My favorite Christmas gift was a piece of furniture from my mom. She took a picture of it, cut it into individual pieces then wrapped each of those. When I opened the first one, I didn’t know what was going on. However, pretty soon I had a puzzle to put together. She gifted me something I really wanted in a fun and challenging way. It was very neat! 🙂

    Thanks for the super cute giveaway!!

  402. my favorite gift has been my sewing machine. It certainly has been well used! I love orange!

  403. Oh how I love the buttercup bag!!!!

    My favorite Christmas gift ever was a trip to NYC and tickets to Phantom.

  404. My friend LOVES the color orange and I would love to make something for her with that fabric! My favorite Christmas gift would have to be the year my mom gave me a collection of my favorite childhood recipes straight from her card box; already stained and smeared…and some in my Grandmother’s handwriting! Still use them today.

  405. My best Christmas gift is being able to spend every Christmas Day with my son even though his father and I are divorced.

  406. Having my hubby home from Spain for the holiday!

  407. my favorite gift was a sewing machine! Thanks for the giveaway. Love the colors.

  408. My favorite Christmas present ever? my juicer. .. especially during cold and flu season it is the one thing that I keep using over and over. Love the bag and the fabric is gorgeous.

  409. The best present ever? – a cheesy 1970’s version of the electronic game SIMON, from my Mom. My kids still play with it!

  410. best gift ever? Easy, My sewing Machine!n I got it my senior yr or high school! I still have it even though I have 2 other machines now.

  411. Hands down, my favourite Christmas gift ever was the package of materials and notions Hubby got so HE could make ME a winter jacket. Sadly, the jacket has been retired as the boobs and body are too big for it. But I loved that he did that for me after my previous jacket was stolen.

  412. My iPod Touch!!

    Great giveaway…thanks!

  413. anything my husband gets me. he picks it out himself and does a pretty good job. i am always impressed. and it shows me what he likes me to wear.

  414. Adorable little purse! I love receiving homemade gifts (of course) but the best X-mas I remember was when my family was all together in one place to celebrate. It’s hard to have that happen with everyone spread out all over the place 😉

  415. ORANGE! I love orange.

    Best Christmas gift…let’s see. Collectible book, definitely (by my favorite–deceased–author). Signed. Husband got many bonus points for that one!

  416. Two years ago I got THE BEST Christmas present ever on Christmas eve. My son was born!

  417. Wow! Orange is my favourite colour and yet I don’t own any orange fabric or buttons – weird.

    Best Christmas gift – maybe I’m a little weird, but I’m totally obsessed with brushing my teeth. So my boyfriend gave me an electric toothbrush for Christmas one year. I loved it! OCD anyone? hehehe

  418. What a great giveaway! My favorite Christmas gift would have to be my house, we closed on it less than 2 weeks before Christmas 4 years ago.

  419. Best gift ever was the year I got my Bose stereo!

    Thanks so much for participating in the giveaway!

  420. oh, and the best xmas present ever was a first edition of my favorite book ever: Pillars of the Earth.

  421. I alsp subscribed to your blog!

  422. Oh I love orange!
    My best gift was a necklace from my husband, with raw diamonds Love those 🙂

  423. One of my favorite Christmas gifts was my grandma’s mink stole from her honeymoon in Greece (circa 1940s). I will cherish that gift for years and hopefully pass it down to my daughter. The only thing that could possibly top that gift is if my baby-who’s-due-in-January decides to come early and surprise us for Christmas!

  424. My best Christmas was last year because it was the first time in a while that all my kids were home for Christmas. I wish they could all be here this year!

  425. I follow your blog via Google Reader!

  426. thanks for this giveaway! orange is my favorite color!

    As for the best gift ever, that would be the year i got a sugar glider. I asked and asked and asked for one, and opened all my presents and no glider. then, i went to my dad’s house and an owner’s manual for the glider was in my stocking!

  427. also i am now a blog follower!

  428. Best Christmas gift ever was cross country skis from my then boyfriend, now husband!!


  429. The best Christmas gist ever was my mom’s antique rocker.

  430. Great blog! I am following you now too.

  431. My favorite gift was probably an oil painting set, easel, and canvases…loved it!

  432. I think my fave Xmas gift is this computer that I’m typing on right now!

  433. Beautiful bag! My favorite gift?…I think it would have to be music!

  434. I think my first ever Cabbage Patch Kid (back in the day) was probably the most magical gift I ever got from Santa. I love all the orange!!

  435. My favourite Christmas present was a set of watercolour pencils that I had been *dying* to own for a long time. I was so thrilled and surprised when I opened the package on Christmas day and saw my dream pencils…sigh of happiness 🙂

  436. The best Christmas gift I ever received was an engagement ring from my now-husband!

  437. My best ever Christmas gift was my little sister (though she did come a but early!) 🙂

  438. Crazy as this may be the best XMAS gift that comes to mind is the washcloths my mom crocheted for me. So useful and it is nice to think of her while I wash the dishes.
    LOVE that orange bag!

  439. Such a generous giveaway!
    My favorite Christmas gift was a matchbox car from my son. That was many years ago, but I still cherish it.

  440. I’m so glad to have found your blog. I’m following you through reader.

  441. If you’re talking something that I loved and was surprised by, the best gift was a digital camera from my husband. He spent more than he was supposed to! My most hilarious Christmas gift was from my little brother, it was two smooth pinecones covered in cinnamon, sitting in a basket. I opened it up and laughed so hard I cried, because they looked so funny.

  442. i loved my friend’s soft and furry scarf, she got me the same scarf for christmas, that’s my favorite present

  443. My favorite gift – my ipod… I use it to run and that keeps me balanced and sane!

  444. My KitchenAid stand mixer is one of the best Christmas gifts ever!

  445. Thanks for the giveaway! I love the bag. My best Christmas gift would have to be a puppy!

  446. my best christmas ever was the december that I found out that I was having a daughter! I don’t know that it will ever be topped. i love the ORANGE!!

  447. Beautiful bag – I’ve got plans to make 2 this Christmas if I have time!

    Best Christmas present ever… a 9×12-inch Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. Still working on figuring out how to best use it, but it’s a blast!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  448. Love the orange! And the bag. Wonderful giveaway altogether! The best present I ever got was a very early Walkman. I’d really really wanted one but hadn’t expected it at all, so it was a total surprise and I really felt on top of the world 🙂

  449. My best gift was my daughter. She was born just before Christmas!

  450. Love the vibrant orange, one of my favorite colours. My favorite gift was a really comfy chair for my craft room that my boyfriend gave me last year. He knows I need to be comfy, with all the hours I spend at my worktable.

  451. The best Christmas gift I received was my sewing machine. It was purchased by my father and stepmother in November, 6 years ago. My father died the end of November, and I received the sewing machine at Christmas, knowing that he had picked it out before his death. It means a lot to me, and I sew with his picture hanging beside me.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  452. Orange is my favorite color!

    The best Christmas gift I have received is my step-dad’s old car. Or at least a ridiculous discount on it so it was almost free. I’ve definitely had the most use out of that gift!

  453. I’m also subscribing to your RSS feed.

  454. My favorite gift was a pen given to me by my dad. Thanks for the chance to win! I love orange and would love to win!

  455. what a fabulous giveaway! i think one of the best gifts I ever received was a barbie car when I was 7 – oh, how I wanted that car. my parents still have it – waiting to be used by my niece.

  456. I know subscribe!!

    And my best Christmas present ever was my engagement ring five years ago from my husband!

  457. i subscribed to your blog… yay!!!

  458. Favorite Christmas gift was a cookbook full of family recipes.

  459. Best Christmas gift ever – the perfect fancy dolly I got when I was 5. It was just like my Mom’s (who still had hers) and I still have it. I hope I can find a similar one for my daughter, yay ebay!

  460. best Christmas gift ever was the lovely Huguenot cross on a chain my then fiance gave me. He remembered from months before that I had mentioned not being able to find one, and he ordered one specially from France for me! 🙂

  461. I subscribed too! 🙂

  462. Nice giveaway! My favorite gift ever was an electric blanket, given to me by my boyfriend (now husband) along with a mushy card about how he always wanted to keep me warm. Very sweet!

  463. Best Christmas Gift Ever….would have to be my engagement ring! I got engaged the week of Christmas.

  464. Also – I’m a subscriber!

  465. That bag is adorable!

    My best christmas gift came 3 days before hand, it’s my youngest son 🙂

  466. The sewing machine my mom gave me, it was a complete surprise!

  467. Lovely! Best Christmas gift ever? Hmm… probably my cameras. They recorded so many wonderful memories.

  468. Lovely bag, thanks for the giveaway

  469. I love Christmas. And Christmas-time. For me has been so much fun to celebrate with our two kids. I think their faces when they come the stairs that morning to see “THE NOTE” Santa left them (and if he ate the cookies), is the best gift, every single time. Love those little twinkling eyes.
    Thanks for sharing. Will cross my fingers. (markymarcela (at) hotmail(dot) com)

  470. My favorite colour!! I love that bag. One memorable Christmas gift for me was a handmade flannel nightgown from my grandmother. I wore it for many, many years.

  471. What a cute bag! and I love gutterman!

  472. Love that orange. My best present was a step stool from my brother in law…i’m really short and couldn’t get into many of my kitchen cupboards.

  473. Oh, levely giveaway, I want to be in !

  474. Your blog is now in my reader, I didn’t find how to subscribe otherwise !

  475. My husband got me a little set of love bears on our honeymoon in Canada, he suck it all the way home undamaged without me seeing.

  476. I love handmade, so the best gift was from my 2 boys who gave me hand-dipped beeswax candles. (they had help from their grammie)

  477. my best gift was a plant from my son. It proved to me that he too got the gardening gene. yay.Thank you for the opporunity to win. Happy holidays

  478. hmmm….I think my favorite Christmas gift was my Willow Tree Nativity.

  479. My favorite Christmas present was my KitchenAid! Made so many cakes and bread and cookies and whatnots with it….
    Lovely fabric and bag. 🙂 Thanks.

  480. I just subscribed to your blog! Thanks.

  481. Best Christmas gift … hmmm … can’t really think of one. Mostly because the BEST gift I ever received was for my birthday. My then-boyfriend, now fiance, took me to Sears to pick out … my very own sewing machine! I was just about bouncing off the walls I was so excited. No wonder I’m marrying the big sweetie ….

  482. My favorite Christmas present was a puppy when I was in middle school. It was such a fun surprise!

    Beautiful stuff here- thanks for the giveaway!

  483. Love the fabric and love the buttercup bag! I think my favorite Christmas gift was an Amy Butler weekender bag that a good friend made for me. So beautiful and so much time spent making it just for me!

  484. Beautiful! I just subscribed to your blog. Best gift? As a kid it was a nutcracker doll, just like Clara. 🙂

  485. My favorite gift was a subscription to a ring of the month club … the gift that keeps on giving! Very thoughtful of my husband!

    jennifereladd at yahoo dot com

  486. best christmas present ever was probably a spa gift certificate.

  487. i love orange! that bag looks fantastic!!! very fantastic indeed!
    thank you for participating in the giveaway day. this is my first year and i’m so overwhelmed!
    the best xmas gift ever was when my boyfriend (now husband) said “i love you” for the first time, it meant a lot because he is very shy and he had never said it to anyone. how sweet is that?

  488. one of my favorites was the year i couldn’t afford to fly home for christmas and my mom called and said, ‘your dad and i just bought you a ticket’. i think my heart lept right into my throat. 🙂

  489. LOVE orange, LOVE this giveaway!

    My best Christmas present was from my husband — a pet kitty. Especially significant because I love kitties, and he had always hated them. He’s semi-converted now!

  490. Best gift was a pair of diamond stud earrings from my husband before we were married about 12 years ago. I haven’t taken them off since!

  491. I love orange…really really do. My most fav christmas gift was a necklace that my husband got me that is so pretty an delicate!! Thanks!!!

  492. Best Christmas gift ever: an engagement ring. : )

  493. My best ever christmas gift was a spontaneous proposal of marraige 23 years ago from my husband. Not all the best things in life are well planned. . .

  494. The best Christmas gift for me was a hand made wooden box from my boyfriend (now husband!)

  495. My best christmas present ever was my son coming home from the hospital after two months of life in the NICU!

  496. It was my ladybug record player in 1978. Loved it!

  497. I subscribed by adding you to the side of my blog. Now everyone can see your latest photo and post name. Check out my blog if you want to see it!

  498. I subscribed! or at least I think I did, I tried!
    I am very lucky to receive wonderful gifts every year, it’s hard to pick a favorite! One of my favorites is a poem my roommates wrote because they would be gone for the holidays

  499. my favorite christmas present was a backpacking tent my boyfriend gave me last year! i love the purse you’ve made and would love to call it mine.

  500. Love the orange bag! I’ve been meaning to try out that pattern for a while, i guess i’ll have to if i don’t win!

    Best christmas gift: I think it was this toy computer when i was a kid, i used to spend hours pretending i worked in an office. Now that i’m grown up and I do – its not nearly as exciting…lol

  501. Best gift ever as a kid was my strawberry shortcake kitchen or my ten speed bike. Best gift as an adult was an early present this year of all of my quilting supplies. Tons of fabric, rotary cutters, self healing mats, notions, rulers… much fun.

  502. My best Christmas gift is this year. I am getting my laundry room done over — paint, shelving, front-loading washer and dryer with steam. I have 7 kids, 5 of whom are boys. That’s a lot of laundry and ironing church shirts. Can’t wait till my machines get here!!!!!

  503. Best Christmas gift ever was the photo album my daughter made for me last year with pictures of the kids from babies to the ages they were last Christmas. She included pictures of my husband and me too. She did little captions with each picture. I know it took her a long time to do and it’s my most cherished gift ever.

  504. My favorite chirstmas gift ever was a perfume maker…. I was crafty at a young age. I was about 8 and I remember that I could make like 7 scents of perfume and I stopped opening everything else to make something I could wear to Mass that morning! It was the BEST and probably the one that I remember most.

    I LOVE orange and your work is FABULOUS! Thank you for doing this!

  505. I love that bag… thanks for the link to the pattern. I don’t know if I have a favorite gift… I got a real surprise tollhouse as a kid… maybe that was it… it definitely was a memorable one. 🙂

  506. Beautiful bag. One of may favorite gifts was Samantha the American Doll when I was 9.

  507. Love all the orange goodies!
    Best Christmas present: my little boy, born last December 24th!

  508. Just became a follower too.

  509. Such a cute bag and the orange is pretty.

  510. My best Christmas present ever was from my husband. He got me a new (fancy) digital camera when I mine got stolen shopping at the mall 2 days before Christmas! I was sooo upset, and lost all those santa pics with the kids…but he got me my dream camera in that short of time, and I had no idea!!!

  511. what fun oranges!

    the best christmas gift i ever received is, hands down, a kitchen-aid!!!!!!! i saw the box the night before (wrapped) and couldn’t figure out what it could be, based on the weight. i woke up at 7:30 on christmas morning and my eyes flew open and the lightbulb popped on–KITCHEN-AID! i couldn’t go back to sleep, i was so excited! 😀

  512. I LOVE orange! Yay! My mother in law got me my first sewing machine about 8 years ago. It’s not the one I use anymore, but it got me started on this crafty road!

  513. And I subscribed via Google Reader!

  514. Best gift ever? I don’t know! haha I loved my pink hammer that my husband gave me on our first Christmas together!

  515. Adorable bag! I think the best Christmas present as a kid was a little people farm.

  516. My best Xmas present would have to be a life size cardboard cut out of Harrison Ford (while he was still young and good looking in Star Wars). He has been with me about 10 years now and we’ve had some great times together, mostly scaring my flat mate by being placed in different rooms without her knowledge…

  517. Orange is so fabulous! That bag is gorgeous, you are so talented!
    The best Christmas gift I ever received…a sewing machine. My hubby thinks of the best gifts for me! Although the store almost ruined it by calling a few days before Christmas to ask how I liked my recently purchased item…what item? Uh, never mind, we’ll call back later.

  518. My favorite gifts every year were always books. I have quite a wonderful collection now for my little girls!

  519. My favorite christmas present ever was the complete set of Little House on the Prairie books – I was born the same day as Laura, so I was a huge fan as a kid 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  520. I’ve subscribed 🙂

  521. One of my favorite gifts was a gift card to Hobby Lobby!

  522. Awesome giveaway! One of my favorite gifts was from when I was about 6 years old… it was a plush “life size” (to a 5 year old!) horse… I think I cried, I was so happy! Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  523. I think my favorite present was a pair of Uggs from my husband – I wear them all the time during the winter! It was the first time that I was completely surprised too – I am very intuitive and always seem to guess what my gifts are (partially because I don’t want a lot of things so I can be hard to buy for).
    I like the orange theme to your giveaway!

  524. You have the best blog online. I love your color sense and creativity! My best Christmas present was being able to celebrate Christmas for the first time when I was 17 years old.

  525. A sewing machine, when I was 13. I still use it!

  526. Wow, what a fabulous orange give-away. The best x-mas present that I received was a set of skiis when I was in Grade 5. But in truth, now all I care about is having my family with me.

  527. I’m now a follower!

  528. my fav gift was my daughter, born last year – three weeks before christmas! best gift ever!

    please check out my giveaway

  529. My favourite prezzie was my quilting classes…never touched a sewing machine before that & haven’t looked back since.

    Great Giveaway!


  530. A new kitchen set of knives…it was definitely needed and cooking is so much nicer now.

    Love the orange!

  531. SUPER cute purse and the other goodies are great!! Awesome giveaway. Thanks!

  532. Oops, in my first post I forgot to mention my favorite Christmas present…it was probably the Cabbage Patch Doll I received as a kid one year….I remember being SO EXCITED!

    Also, I just became a follower of your blog! It’s awesome!

  533. The best Christmas gift I ever received was a handmade scrapbook that was put together by my Great Grandmother. My Nana gave it to me and it is such a treasure since my Great Grandmother is no longer around.

    This bag is gorgeous!
    jinglesells at gmail dot com

  534. My best Christmas gift was my class ring!

  535. Best Christmas present: diamond earrings from my husband last year while he was deployed in Afghanistan. Very memorable! Great blog- I’m so glad to have found you. I subscribe to your blog as well. Beautiful bag!

  536. favorite christmas gift? my cat, Tiley!

  537. and now i’m a follower!

  538. Beautiful beautiful bag! My best present ever was the doll I received when I was 12 (although I was nearly to old) and which I had been aching for for many years.

  539. Fabulous giveaway! I love all the orange. The best Christmas gifts I have ever received were not given to me on Christmas. In 2002, I got the Christmas gift of a husband on New Years Eve — we got married on the 31st and he’s the best ever. My second best gift was when I found out January 2nd 2007 that I was pregnant. The nausea I had all Christmas was a good indicator but the truth didn’t come out after the holidays.

  540. I would say it was a lovely queen sized feather duvet from my parents the year I got engaged – it’s one thing that we use every day and keeps us super comfy.

  541. I love ORANGE! My favorite gift was an American girl doll when I was little, the whole family pitched in to get it for me.

  542. My favorite present was a wrist watch that I had wanted for a long time. Thanks for the giveaway! I really hope I win that orange fabric–it would work with a project in progress.

  543. My fave Christmas gift was a hope chest given to me by my father (made by him) when I was 18. He’s no longer with me, but I store my most cherished items inside with the memory of my father.

  544. The best gift I’ve received was a cordless drill from my dad. He was always a pretty lousy gift-giver but about 6 or 8 years ago he bought drills for my sister and me. I cherish that thing because he put thought into it–he always worked in factories or maintenance work and it seemed like he could fix anything. I think he tried to pass that down to us.

  545. I became a subscriber, too. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  546. loving the orange! my grandpa gave me a globe when i was younger, and it’s still one of my favorite things. 🙂

  547. Best Christmas gift = an easel when I was a kid.

    Love the orange! Very cute bag.

  548. the best gift I ever received was my ipod touch! It’s so handy for everything

  549. Best Christmas gift: Hmmmm… sobriety. I was in a rehabilitation center last December getting clean and sober. It’s been ONE YEAR!!

  550. My favorite gift was the ipod my husband got me!!

    I love this fabric!

  551. A cabbage patch doll–it was the early 80’s and they were hot.

    Almost 30 yrs later and now my daughter plays with her and the joy continues!

  552. How fabulous!

    My best Christmas present was my Wii from my husband last year:)

  553. I can’t even name a favorite Christmas gift. Of course, I love gifts as much as everyone, but for me Christmas has always been more of a being together with loved ones. I lost my dad when I was little, so being close to the rest of my family has always been important to me.

    Greetings from Munich,

  554. my best gift was an alice nine alpha album!

  555. I subscribed to your rss feed, is that what you meant?

  556. so cute! i’d have to say the best gift i ever received was my first child, born on december 24th! 🙂
    thanks for the chance to win!
    ps-check out my blog for a vintage goodie basket giveaway!

  557. My little daughter was the best christmas gift ever (and my son the best birthday gift, by the way :o)!!

  558. My engagement ring! I got it for Christmas last year and am happily planning my wedding for next June!

  559. My best Christmas gift ever was probably my Dyson vacuum. Ridiculous, but I have a thing for vacuums. Dyson’s were so expensive, but DH found a sale, had a coupon, and was able to get it for a deal. I was completely surprised! Silly, but I love it!

    I’m subscribed (through google reader). Thanks for the chance to win!

  560. I am loving the orange! Hope I can win!

  561. Love Orange. I just subscribed to your blog. This little purse would match my new jacket perfectly. LOL
    I want you to know, that in most blogs if I find just a couple idea’s that are not only inspiring but made quality, I’m excited. But your’s has more then a couple. Great work, Great talent, And Thank God for this Giveaway that lead me to your site. : )

  562. My best Christmas present ever was when my husband proposed to me on christmas eve and gave me an engagement ring.

  563. Eeek! I LOVE this giveaway!!! The bag is amazing!!! The fabric is awesome!! I love orange and it’s so hard to find good orange fabric.

    My favorite Christmas gift…my first Christmas my Grandma gave me a quilt. It was one of the first quilts she had ever made and I still have it. It’s well loved.

    I am also subscribing to your blog, dropping it in my google reader!

    Thanks so much for the great giveaway

  564. The best Christmas gift I ever received was being able to bring my son home from the hospital on Christmas Eve.

  565. My favorite christmas gift was 2 diploma frames, one for undergrad and one for grad school, personalized with the emblem of the school in the frame.

  566. I’m now subscribed to your blog.

  567. The best present I ever received was a beautiful winter house night light from my brother when I was about six and terrified of the dark. I used it for year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  568. Wow! I love that bag! You do beautiful work!
    My favorite gift was a digital picture frame from my husband with many, many pictures of my babies already saved and ready to go!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  569. the best Christmas gist was my son 😉

  570. Such a lovely give away! Thanks for the chance to win.

    My fav gift is probaby my very own sewing machine when I was 16. I sewed that thing into oblivion!

    Stop by my bloggie place for my giveaway!

  571. My best Christmas gift has been just being able to spend time with my family. I live far away from them so it is truly a gift and a joy.

  572. Love the bag! Thanks for the giveaway!

  573. My son! Born on the 23rd…best Christmas ever!

  574. The best Christmas present I’ve ever received was my husband. 🙂


  576. best present was probably my rebel camera from my hubby. he totally surprised me with it last year. runner is up is hte yar my best buddy got me a box of cerial. she had actually put the gift inside the cerial like a suprise. it was hillarious!

  577. Yum, I love orange! My best xmas gift was a dollhouse, esp. because my parents made a treasure hunt for my sister and I to find it:

  578. My best Christmas gift ever? How about the conception of my daughter.(Sorry if that was TMI but youasked! LOL! We had been struggling with fertility issues and a previous miscarriage, so when we found out that we were pregnant a few days before Christmas, it really was the best gift ever! She still is 5 years later!)

  579. Just going home for the holidays. Doesn’t happen very often. Hoping for it this year but we shall see.

  580. Hubby had a custom sign made for my office: “Heal like a champion today”. We’re both Notre Dame alumni. It’s so awesome!

  581. The best christmas present ever for be was the “new-to-me” sewing machine my parents got me in 5th grade! (This year is a close 2nd – my husband is getting me a new sewing machine!!! yay!)

  582. oh ya I am a subscriber!

  583. What an awesome giveaway! I love all the fun orange stuff. I looked at your shop too, and your phone cases are so cute as well. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  584. Love the bag!!! Believe it or not I remember being pretty excited about a pencil case when I was 7 years old.
    Lucie (contact

  585. Hi again. I’m following your blog in Netvibes.

    I was so excited in my first comment that I forgot to tell you my favorite Christmas gift. When I was 9 I got an American Girl doll (Kirsten, who, coincidentally, is being discontinued this year). Anyway, it was an awesome gift. A few years after that my family started doing homemade Christmases and so Kirsten got an amazing handmade wardrobe over the next few years… from a gorgeous ball gown from my mom to a corduroy Newsies costume from my little brother.

  586. I received a red stick horse for Christmas when I was about five years old. I love it and thought it was the next best thing to a real pony. I still have a picture of myself looking at that stick horse with the most awe-inspired look in my eyes. It’s the simple things, really.

  587. Oh I love orange, yay!

    Favorite Christmas gift, probably the oven my parents surprised us with last year!

  588. Love that bag! Best gift I ever received was a to-scale miniature dollhouse made by my father. Still have it, still love it (and him!). Thanks for the chance to win.

  589. Love love love!
    I’m looking forward to the best ever christmas present ever, which [i hope] is on it’s way to me this year!! It’s a time-lapse camera!

  590. Christmas at Disney! What could be better???

  591. My favorite christmas gift is my engagement ring.
    Thanks for the great giveaway! Happy holidays!

    misszucchini at yahoo dot ca

  592. My grandma gave me a set of her jewelry 4 years ago. It is very special to me! 🙂

  593. Oh wow! Gorgeous work, look at all your comments!! My best Christmas gift ever was travelling back across Canada from Newfoundland to BC to visit my family at Christmas – several years ago now!!

  594. orange is my all time favorite color! i would love this!

  595. My favorite xmas gift…my first sewing machine.

    I LOVE the orange bag!!

  596. I got one of those big cutting mats from my bf last year, which was soooooooooo unexpected and sweet cause I had grumbled about my smaller mat a number of times and the boy put 2 +2 together!

  597. Great giveaway! My favorite gift was a grain mill from my husband.

  598. Love the orange and the bag is wonderful.

  599. Wow, adorable! Thanks for participating! The best Christmas present I ever got was moving to Seattle from Michigan on Christmas Day. Weird timing, but it led to many adventures. 🙂

  600. The best Christmas gift I ever received was small and simple, it was from a co-worker, he gave me a copy of a magazine I love and a movie, I was just so shocked that he thought of me and that he got me a few little things that were spot on!

  601. I’m also a new follower

  602. Whoa! I would love to win all that orangey goodness! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway. My favorite Christmas gift ever was a Casio keyboard back in 1989….I wish I still had that thing because I could totally jam with it.

  603. My hubs doesn’t usually give me cards or flowers, no matter the holiday. But…he does usually give great Christmas gifts, like a nice leather chair for my reading nook or a new sewing machine (last year.) Loving that machine. I guess he thinks the Christmas gift counts for the whole rest of the year.

  604. My favorite christmas present is my japanese tea set that my hubby picked out for me with no prompting at all. 🙂
    I subscribed, too!

  605. I’m going to be sappy, but this Christmas is pretty memorable because I just gave birth to a brand new baby boy! It’s hard to top that!

  606. the present that always sticks in my mind is the Barbie camper/motor home. it was most awesome!

  607. OH I love the orange! =)

  608. Wow! This is a great prize. The orange idea is so cute. I would say the best Christmas gift ever was a stuffed bear my mom made for me when I was a kid. She sewed a heart on its back side. I love it.

  609. ooh what great stuff – i love orange!

    the best gift was my daughter born christmas week three years ago. 🙂

  610. Have been looking for a new bag!
    PS- Subscribed through google reader.

  611. I’m a subscriber!

  612. Best Christmas present was a large box filled to the brim with Nancy Drew books! I got it almost 20 years ago but I still remember it every year.

  613. Best Christmas gift ever – hmm – I think the Ipod touch DH got me this year (and gave me as soon as it arrived since he knew I would love it!)

  614. Subscribed! Thanks

  615. My favorite present wasn’t so much the present itself, but the way it was wrapped. My brother built out of cardboard and wrapping paper a replica of the Eiffel Tower – it was taller than the tree! Inside the top was a jacket. It was really fun.

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