Two Messenger Bags

My pops and brother both got messenger bags for Christmas this year.

The first one I made following this pattern (Option B – click this link if only to view the amazing visor that I now have a pattern for…HAH!).  The pattern was easy to follow, I’d say it is suitable for beginner to intermediate seamstresses.  I chose this graphic fabric and some nice heavy brown linen that I salvaged from some IKEA curtains.  It is lined with Essex Cotton/Linen Blend in Natural (probably my favorite fabric ever to work with).  I added a couple of small details (extra pockets inside and a magnetic snap closure), but mostly stuck to the pattern.  Here it is being modeled by my lovely co-worker Lisa:

For my brother’s bag, I ventured out from the pattern and decided to try my own thing.  Rather than giving it a curvy shape, I squared off the lines and gave it a boxed look.  After I got about half way through I realized that it could be fully reversible, so I skipped the magnetic closure to make it so.  Both of the fabrics were purchased at IKEA.  I love them both and I think these patterns should hold their own in Denmark.

So there you have it, another Christmas success!


6 Responses

  1. Very nice! I particularly like the mix of prints on the second one.

  2. Nice work, Sarah! The bag will definitely hold its own in Denmark. Love the option to reverse it. Clever girl!

  3. Reminds me of the Marimekko bags that your Aunt Carolyn and I started buying in 1971. We purchased new ones each year as book bags. Turns out that 1971 (when I started college), was the first year they made the bag! They were expensive then, and still are, but we thought they were SO cool! (which they were!) I actually made my own bag one year, copying the design!

  4. Yay! It must be the season of Christmas gift bags and purses made from IKEA fabric. Yours are so fun!

  5. You did an amazing job! I love the IKEA fabrics, too… So cute.

  6. oooo how lovely 🙂 I love the bags!

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