Blocks for the Modern Quilting Bee

Here are the blocks I made for Melissa for the Modern Quilting Bee.  She asked for Wonky Log Cabin blocks, and she is going to call the quilt, “What a Girl Wants.”  Look how cute those fabrics she sent are!  I can’t get over the lipstick and high heel shoes!  And I had to add a donut and sugar packets!  Oh, Heather Ross….how we love you!

I added a couple of my own fabrics to the blocks.  For the block on the left, I added the orange Fleur Des Lis pattern (Heather Bailey, I think).  I also added the small polka dot in the center.  For the block on the right, I added the pink striped fabric.

I loved making these, Melissa!


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  2. so cute!! especially the sugar packet!

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