Two Mini Quilts

These are two more Christmas presents that I made this year.  They were made for two crafty ladies who have both had an incredible influence on my sewing endeavors.  

The top is a mini quilt for my dear friend, Dacia.  I’m not sure where I got the idea for this one, but I’m quite happy with the result.  I used an old CD to trace the circle shapes and then simply stitched them to the quilt using swirly free-motion designs.  I then stipple quilted in between the circles, which helped to give the quilt some real texture.  I love the way this one looks from the back!  It’s bound in one of my newly discovered favorite fabrics (of the moment!):  Art Gallery’s “Wallpaper” by Patricia Bravo.

The quilt on the bottom was made for my sister-in-law, Emily, in hopes of brightening up those long (dark) winters in Denmark.  My brother and his wife moved to Denmark for a job last February.  Only a few months later, Emily and Aaron had their first son, Ethan.  Denmark is situated on the same latitude as Alaska, which means that in the wintertime they sometime have only 6-8 hours of light a day.  I was hoping she could hang this in the kitchen or main room to offer a bit of a sunny scene.  I used Ashley’s great tutorial for making a string quilt block to construct this mini quilt.  Rather than using paper to foundation-piece these blocks, I used a lightweight muslin.  That way I didn’t have to rip out the paper afterwards.

Here’s a close up of the backside of these quilts:

I’m itching to get started on another mini quilt.  These are so much fun to make and finish up so much more quickly than a full sized quilt.  Does anyone know of any great mini quilt patterns or have any photo inspirations they can share with me?  I’d love to see!  Post a link in the comments, if you like.


6 Responses

  1. love your mini quilts!

    i’m currently using this tutorial for a little quilt, and definitely recommend it:

  2. I also love small quilts! Go to flickr and search “doll quilt” That oughta keep you busy for a year or so… There’s even a doll quilt swap on there that I’ve done before. Love it!

  3. Small quilts are great and if you want a ton of inspiration, check out ones made for the Doll Quilt Swap over on flickr.

    NY Beauty Circle of Flying Geese Mini for Deb

    And here’s an inspiration mosaic I made for myself the last time I participated in it:
    Skovy's DQS7 Mosaic

  4. I love the swirly circles on Emily’s quilt!

  5. I love my quilt! I look at it everyday and it brightens the room up. Way to go, Sis!

  6. Gorgeous! I love mine. Thanks so much, Sarah! You are such a great friend and crafty lady!

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