Sammy’s Quilt

This is my new nephew, Sammy’s quilt.  My sister and I picked out the fabrics together, and she knew she wanted something with a circular theme.  I used Anna Marie Horner’s method for making the circles, which worked excellently (although tedious!).  The background fabric is a Kona cotton in white.  I made a scrappy binding using three of the darker of the fabrics in the quilt.  I quilted this one with 2 simple straight lines parallel to the block borders.  I quilted through the quilt front and batting layer, and then added a minky backing afterwards.

Funny story, I really wanted to get a picture of Sammy with the quilt, and since we were in my sister’s backyard, I thought we could just put the quilt down on the (very slightly) sloped grass and set Sammy there.  Well, turns out the slope was a little too much for a 5 week old!  Little Sammy did 2 slow-motion rolls down the hill before mommy grabbed him up.  We were in stitches though…the sight of it was just too funny!  I happened to snap this picture as he did his first roll (I don’t think he woke up at all!):

Later that day we had a little photo shoot which, I’m sure you can tell, Sammy loved!

I like to think he’s waving ‘hi’ here:

You can probably see this in the pictures above, but here’s a close-up of Sammy’s quilt label (handsewn to the minky back):

Sasa is the nickname my brother gave me when I was little and it has kind of always stuck!  Funny coincidence, my brother ended up marrying his lovely wife, Emily, who has always called her grandma, Sasa.  Random, huh?


11 Responses

  1. Sarah, the quilt is gorgeous! I am so impressed. Sammy will have it and love it forever. So, what’s your next project? Want to join the clamshell madness?

  2. Another beautiful quilt from you!
    (I’m working on a baby quilt with some circles too! That foil method is pretty clever. I did mine with freezer paper. But I love the fact that you can reuse the foil!)

  3. beautiful quilt! Was Henry Gale anywhere in the vicinity?

  4. I love this quilt! And, the rolling baby, too!

  5. Beautiful quilt! I love the colors. And Sammy is a little cutie pie too.

  6. Great story, Sarah…..I think circles are hot right now.

  7. So cute!…the baby and the quilt! 🙂

  8. Love love love this quilt! Thank you so much sister, I couldn’t have ever dreamed it would be this beautiful! You are so talented- an instant heirloom! Love you!

  9. lovely, lovely quilt. nice job!

  10. so gorgeous! love the rolling shot. your camera is great!!

  11. This is so pretty – and the lil roly poly is gorgeous himself!

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