Just Like Mommy’s

Back when I first started selling my Damask Purses, my sister quickly snatched one up from my Etsy shop.  I really didn’t want to make her pay for it, but she insisted!  What a good sister, right? 

So, for Christmas this year I decided to make her 2-year old daughter, Maddie, a matching purse!  The cuteness factor here is unbelievable!  Here is the mini version:

I had a photo shoot with Maddie and her purse, but I just couldn’t choose which pictures I liked best!  She was being so cute:  putting on my shoes, picking up bark and storing it away safely in her purse and wearing the bag perfectly around her wrist.  Love it!

So, you might be wondering, how can I make one?  It’s so simple!  Take one of your favorite purse patterns (I used Keyka Lou’s Small Satchel, but I would also recommend the Buttercup bag or the Phoebe bag) and cut out your pattern pieces.  Then simple cut about 1″ off of the entire perimeter of the pattern pieces.  I chose to make a tiny little cell phone pocket for her mini phone, but you could also add a zipper pocket if you want to get really fancy.  Mine has a magnetic snap, which I think is Maddie’s favorite part.  She loves opening and closing it over and over again! 

This purse only took about an hour to make, and my neice loves having a purse that’s just like mommy’s (and auntie’s, for that matter)!


7 Responses

  1. It is so danged cute! I want one!

  2. That is so sweet! Well done!

  3. Darling idea for a darling girl.

  4. too cute! and such a creative gift idea!

  5. oh my goodness Sarah Maddie is SO adorable! I LOVE how she is holding the purse exactly right 🙂 What a creative idea – I’ll bet Kate loved it!

    Love YOU!

  6. so cute for a cutie!!!!

  7. so cute!! she is so stinking cute! what a good auntie you are. 🙂

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