Pattern Challenge: Burda 7550

I’m on a major apparels kick, and I bought 4 new patterns on Friday.  I’m challenging myself to sew each of the new patterns in the next couple of months (leading up to my trip to Europe!).  I’ll blog about them here, which will hopefully keep me accountable.

Update:  CONSIDER JOINING ME!!!  See this post for details:

Here are the 4 patterns I’m working with:

  1. Burda shorts (finished as of this weekend, see below!!) 
  2. Cute jersey dress (complete, see this post!!)
  3. Super fancy and chic skirt
  4. Simple shirt (recommended highly by Amy Karol).

(on the off-chance that I finish all of these before my Europe trip, I also want to try this one)

The first of my finished patterns was Burda 7550:

I’ve never made anything this tailored/structured before, and it was so much fun to work through.  The pattern was a really good intro to making pants.  Also, the next time I try this pattern (I’m already thinking about making another pair out of a nice cotton/linen blend) I will add some pockets.  I like that added barrier of fabric to separate the world from my backside :).  What else….the zipper part was super scary.  I was SO confused when looking at the pattern about how this was going to work out, but it turned out beautifully!  The fabric perfectly covers the zipper and it stays put when zipped up.  My main advice to those trying this pattern:  don’t over think it.  The instructions seem way simpler than they should be, but it really is simple!

You’ll notice that I haven’t made the button-hole or added to button closure yet.  That’s because of two reasons:  I hate making buttonholes.  I suck at making buttonholes.  Anyone else share my pain?  The second reason is because I need to get some of these jeans snaps.  I’m hoping Joann’s carries them so I don’t have to order a million….I highly doubt I’ll be making 12 pairs of denim shorts/jeans….but, who knows?!

Stick with me to see my progress and to find out if my European wardrobe turns out exactly how I imagine!

Quick question:  Would it interest you to see how these actually fit/look on a human?  Or are you just more interested in seeing how the finished garments turn out?  Let me know in the comments!


5 Responses

  1. Yes, it definitely adds a ton of value to see the clothing on a person! Great job, by the way . . . the idea of sewing clothing scares me! I’m in the quilting/bag making comfort zone right now 🙂

  2. Love this idea! I’ve been wanting to sew more clothes (okay any that properly fit) but I’m not sure I have the time right now. But i’m going to highly consider joining in on the fun!

    Also I totally think you should show off what they look like. When I buy patterns for clothes, I wish they came with more pictures of the style/ fit. Cause most of the time its just not what I thought it would be!

  3. You’re so inspiring, Sarah!

    The shorts are really cute and can’t wait to see them on you. Also, I am eager to see the dress!! I LOVE jersey dresses. It will be perfect for your trip too, because you can just bunch it up and bring it with you.

  4. I buy patterns that have pictures of a human wearing the different “views.” Fit is the most important thing for me.

    The shorts look great, Sis! xxoo

  5. I definitely want a picture of you wearing them! BTW…where do you get your energy?

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