The winner of the giveaway is…..

Kari from Handmade Mommy who would love to pick out some Wall Art from All Modern.

Congrats, Kari!  Looks like you’ll be able to get that wall art for your home!  Kari has a super cute blog, so go check it out now while you writhe in jealousy!

Kari, I’ll send you an email in a moment so you can choose your prize up to $50.  Can’t wait to see what you get!

A quick update on the Pattern Challenge.  We now have 19 official members, so this will be fun!  I finished the Jersey Dress (#2 on my Pattern Challenge) and will post about it tomorrow.  WOW, this thing was a nightmare!  You’ll also get to see how the finished product looks nothing like the pattern!  I made a ton of modifications…but it turned out cute!


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  1. Wow…thank you so much Sarah! You made my whole week. I can’t wait to pick out something for the house. Yeah!

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