Mini Purse Winners!

I’ve picked the two winners of the adorable mini-purses made by my sister, Kate.

The winners are….Dana!!!

And….Kelly O!!!

Congrats!  I’m emailing you both right now.  Thanks so much to everyone else who commented and entered this giveaway.  And thanks, of course, to my sister Kate for all the lovely inspiration!

I finished #4 in my Pattern Challenge:  this Simplicity shirt.  It turned out so so cute!  I love it!  I will post about it later this week when I can get some decent photos taken.  Yay for patterns working out as they should!


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  1. This means you’ve met your challenge?! wow. I should give myself a more concrete deadline like maybe May 24 th so I’ll have some lovely new summer clothes by then. Good job. Does this mean you’ll have time to try the last pattern you mentioned, that cute dress? I’d love to see that done up. Hope you have a great trip.

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