Sewin’ My Knickers

Underwear have got to be the easiest, most fun things to sew ever!  I’m not sure I’ll ever need to buy another pair! 

I bought several yards of stretch lace trim from Lace Heaven.  Here is a link to the exact item I ordered:  Stretch Lace.  They have 43 fun colors to choose from, and you get some pretty amazing pricing discounts when you order multiple yards.  I ordered 6 yards each of 5 different colors (Nude, Pale Lime, Soft Peach, Brown and White) and got each yard for $0.50!  Totally worth it, if you ask me.  I’d say it takes about 2 yards to make each undergarment, so I should have enough to make 15 knickers.  The fabric is a good quality jersey and it doesn’t take much fabric at all to make them. 

Would anyone be interested in a tutorial?  I made the pattern from a pair of my very favorite undies that finally bit the dust.


9 Responses

  1. LOVE these! A tutorial would be awesome!

  2. Wow those are soooo cute!! Definitely, yes please on the tutorial!

  3. I would love a tutorial on these! They look so cute.

  4. Yes- tutorial please! When you say they’re easy to make, are you taking into account crappy newbie sewers like me? 😉

  5. i would!! you are a domestic goddess!!

  6. Totally cute!!! Do they fit well, too?

  7. Aaaaaaah! Oh My GOODNESS! It hurts, they are so cute. I was just looking at some panties patterns but wasn’t sure I would want to do it. But look how yours turned out! I want to try now.

  8. Tutorial would be awesome! I’ve seen other tutorials, but not with the stretch lace, which looks both easier and prettier than other patterns I’ve seen.

  9. A tutorial would be great. This is something I’ve always wanted to do–make my own underwear.
    Another blogging pal just made her own bra! You gals are all so clever!

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