Panty Tutorial: How to Sew Underwear

This tutorial will take you, step by step, through the process of making underwear that fit you perfectly and look great too.  You can click on any of the photos in each step to enlarge them (which will make reading the text on some of them much easier).  Please use this pattern for personal use only, and feel free to link back to this post.

As always, I encourage you to Contact Me if you have any questions throughout the process, I love to hear from you!!


  • 1/2 yard of jersey fabric (up to 1 yard for larger sizes) – It is really hard to find cute jersey, so feel free to repurpose old t-shirts, pajamas or whatever jersey you can find!
  • 2 yard of stretch lace trim (up to 2.5 yards for larger sizes)
  • 1 pair of retired cotton (jersey) panties to become your pattern
  • 1 small piece of 100% cotton fabric for lining
  • ballpoint needles (for sewing through jersey)
  • thread to match

Create the Pattern:

Start with your favorite pair of underwear that have seen better days, these will be referred to as the “pattern underwear”:

1.  Cut off elastic waistband and elastic legbands from the underwear (set these aside for later use):

2.  Cut off lining (no need to use a seam ripper):

3.  Cut along sides of panties (follow the seam lines).

4.  Cut along bottom seam to create 3 separate pattern pieces (Note:  some underwear will differ from mine below, if that’s the case you may need to add a 4th pattern piece and adjust the steps accordingly):

5.  Find the center line of the front and back pieces and mark it in pen.  Fold the pattern underwear in half along this seam.  Fold your pattern paper in half and match fold lines.  You will be tracing your pattern on the fold so as to create a symmetric pattern piece:

6.  Before cutting, determine how stretchy your jersey is.  If it has about the same stretchiness as your pattern underwear, trace your pattern to the same size as the pattern underwear, but add a ½ inch seam allowance all around.  If it has less stretch than your pattern underwear, consider tracing your pattern a bit larger than your pattern underwear (also add ½” seam allowance).  If it has much more stretch than your pattern underwear, consider tracing your pattern a bit smaller than your pattern underwear (also add ½” seam allowance).

7.  To create the lining pattern piece, make your pattern the exact same size as the lower part of the front piece, yet keep the length the same as the piece you cut from your pattern underwear.

You have now created your pattern!

Cut Pattern from Fabric:

8.  Cut out your pattern pieces from your fabric – take care to place the patterns on the fabric so that they will stretch the most from side to side rather than top to bottom.  I use a rotary cutter for this, but if you are using scissors, be sure to pin well before cutting.  For the sake of hygiene, if the jersey fabric you are using for the panties is not 100% cotton, you should cut the lining piece out of fabric that is.

9.  At this point you can serge with a rolled hem around all of the pieces, but this is not necessary, since jersey will not fray and all edges will be covered by the lace.  If you do decide to do this, do not yet serge around inside leg edges.

10.  Finish the short end (marked in orange below) of the lining piece as this will be exposed on the inside of the panties.  You can do this by serging, or by folding down a narrow hem and stitching it in place:


Construct the Panties:

11.  Place your pattern pieces on your workspace in the following order, lining the bottom edge (as pictured below):

-Front Piece, right side up

-Bottom Piece, right side down

-Lining, right side down, long edge on bottom

Stitch along the bottom edge (marked in orange) using a ½” seam allowance.  Use a stretch stitch or a zig zag stitch.

12.  Fold lining up towards front and iron it down:

Using a zig zag stitch, sew down the lining to the front side on the two sides (marked in orange).  Alternatively, you can hold the lining in place by serging the leg edges, if you like:

13.  Lay your stretch lace trim out next to the leg band of elastic that you removed from your pattern pieces.  Cut your lace trim to the same length:

14.  Pin the two ends of the lace to both ends of one leg opening, with the lace sitting directly on top of the right side of the fabric. Pin the center of the lace to the center of the seam:

15.  Using a zig zag stitch, stretch the trim so that it sits straight onto the fabric (see my demo video posted below).  You will be stitching it in place in two places:  first along the innermost edge of the lace and then on the part of the lace that touches the raw edge of the fabric (this is made more clear in the video):

Here is a video where I demo how to sew the stretch lace onto the underwear:

16.  Repeat for the other leg:

17.  Lay your stretch lace trim out next to the waist band of elastic that you removed from your pattern pieces.  Cut your lace trim to the same length:

18.  Pin the two ends of lace to both ends of the back piece waist line, and once in the middle, with the lace sitting directly on top of the right side of the fabric:

19.  Using a zig zag stitch, stretch the trim so that it sits straight onto the fabric (see video above).  Again, you will be stitching it in place in two places:  first along the innermost edge of the lace and then on the part of the lace that touches the raw edge of the fabric.

20.  Repeat for the front waist band:

21.  Bring the front and back pieces together, right sides together.  stitch along the two side seams (marked in orange), using a ½ inch seam allowance.  If your front and back pieces aren’t exactly the same size at the sides, that is OK, just stretch the smaller side to make them even.

22.  Turn them inside out and admire your adorable new panties!  Now you know how to make underwear!  Be sure to keep your pattern and make any adjustments needed so that the next time you make them they will be just as lovely.


CLOSED:  Giveaway!!!!

I’m going to giveaway enough jersey and matching stretch lace trim for one winner to make a pair of these panties!  Just leave a comment to be entered (if you’ve already commented then you have entered).  You can receive one more entry for following my blog or letting me know you already do (leave another comment).  I’ll pick a winner next Wednesday, March 17th.  Good luck!!


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  4. oooh, fun! i need to get my hands on some awesome stretch lace… any tips?

    • Hey Ramona! YES! There is actually a link in the “supplies” list of the tutorial for the “Stretch Lace Trim” that I used. I bought it from and it worked perfectly! Good luck!

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    • Hey Lauren!

      Glad you liked the tutorial. I think this is a pretty common problem with sewing machines when sewing stretch material like jersery. Are you using a stretch needle (ballpoint)? You can also try starting to sew about 1/4″ in from the start of the fabric, to prevent it from sucking it into the machine. If this doesn’t work you can try to start sewing on a small scrap of fabric and then feed the stretch fabric under the presser foot. Hope this helps!


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  164. I have looked so long for a tutorial I can understand. You make it so simple I feel silly for not having gotten it before. Vid really puts the icing on the cake. Time to finally tackle the heap of t-shirts I couldn’t bear to part with!!!

  165. You did a very nice tutorial, clear and simple. 🙂 I have just started making skivvies for my kids and have tried a few different ways and am working on perfecting a boy cut pattern for my teenage girls. They have spent the last several days trying on knickers, ha! I’m also working on a boxer brief for my boys using old tees. It’s loads of fun!

  166. This has literally changed my life!! I used to hate buying underwear…it was expensive, never fit and I hated it! Now I love it. It fits me perfectly and costs me virtually nothing. I’ve made 3 prototypes and now have my pattern perfect. Thank you for such a clear tutorial.

  167. I need new underwear but Im too broke to buy them and Im too broke to buy Jersey. If I win the fabric I wont have to make them out of old wool sweaters. Im alergic to wool 😦

  168. Great tutorial thank you so much they charge so much for so little I’ll have to try this for sure Thanks

  169. […] find elastic that would work for this project and how much it would be, when I stumbled upon this interesting, detailed, and AWESOME tutorial! She shows in great detail how to make a pattern from an old pair and then shows step by step how […]

  170. Love this idea. Can’t wait to make some.

  171. […] are a pair of pants for Josiah, a skirt for Gwen and… wait for it… wait for it…. underwear for me!  I am simplydyingto see how easy it can be to make my own undies because I hate buying […]

  172. […] Panty Tutorial: How to Sew Underwear « This tutorial will take you, step by step, through the process of making underwear that fit you perfectly and look great too. […]

  173. great job! I just learned how to make undies, but got a few good tips from your tutorial. thanks!

  174. I am now a faithful follower!

  175. I’ve been looking for a tutorial to sew a pair of undies since I recently started using my old sewing machine. When I cut up an old pair of undies the fabric was too worn and stretched to get an accurate size so I found a sized pattern elsewhere. Both your and her tutorial use t-shirt material, but I had a different fabric and had to fold over and make seams to prevent fraying. Not bad for a first pair, but I need to tweak it a bit! Thanks so much for getting me started!

  176. […] Well, they’re not perfect, but I’d say I did a pretty darn good job on that pair of undies.  I combined two different tutorials – indigo orchid’s sized pattern for t-shirt underwear and Come and See the Seitz’s underwear tutorial.  […]

  177. This is great I just wrote a tutorial simular to this but I like your pictures and details. I learned a little something that I could add to mine as well. I think I will try to add a link to this tutorial on my post as well. Great job!

  178. These are cute.

    I didn’t see it mentioned above, but another option for elastic is to use FOE (fold over elastic). I personally don’t care for lace on my panties, but I can get FOE on eBay, easy & cheap.

  179. […] Panty Tutorial: How to Sew Underwear «MaryJanes and Galoshes: Kid’s underwear sewing pattern70 Free Lingerie Sewing Patterns :SuperNaturale T-Shirt Underwearbelle and burger: Panty Tutorial: How to make your own drawerssewing underwear: the (free) pattern | indigorchidHow to Make Your Own Underwear – CraftStylish […]

  180. I wasn’t too sure about making my own panties, however, Friday night, I thought i would give it a try. Very easy to follow instructions. It went fine, wore them the next day and they were very comfortable. Hancock Fabrics even has an elastic package that has smaller trim for legs and a bit wider for the waistband.

    Thanks so much for sharing

  181. […] found some great tutorials online with different ideas and techniques, like this and this and this, but I mostly just used an old pair of my own undies to use as a pattern.  I […]

  182. Wow, you are really talented. Pretty impressive. Sexy boy shorts are the hottest new trend right now.

  183. HA! Your comment made me laugh. I didn’t have much luck cutting up an old pair of undies for a pattern, but I did like Indigo Orchid’s pattern/tutorial ( I made the medium but found that the large fit me best.

  184. Sarah, you missed my point! The illustrations show undies for petite gals only, not even the national average size of a woman in the U.S. And, like “karlamcurry” above, I also tried using a pair of my own panties, but they still turned out to be an uncomfortable butt-hugger, showing my crack! I have no idea how this happened. Also I created my pattern using a brown paper grocery bag, but THE BAG WAS TOO SMALL TO MAKE A PATTERN FOR MY BUTT!

    I just wish I could see a pattern for some big, comfortable undies (knowing NO ONE ELSE WILL EVER SEE THEM, right?) even if it means printing out and piecing together several sheets of paper from a PDF to form the right size for my butt.

    But…(no pun intended), I will visit the link karlamcurry provided. Thanks!

    Oh, BTW, where’s my original post? I don’t believe I violated any commenting rules!

    • I deleted the comment since it used a word that can cause people to find my blog while searching for porno (this has happened before)…I wasn’t keen to have any keywords in here that could further that endeavor. Sorry about that, hope you’re not offended. Good luck in finding a pattern that works, I was simply posting the images from making the undies for me, and that’s why all the pics are of a size medium.

  185. Can’t wait to make some panties. Great video and instructions

  186. Love this tutorial!

  187. I am a side sleeper and LOVE panties that dont have side seams, the seams dig into my skin when I.m sleeping it seems. I had some a long time ago and cant find any anywhere. I would love a pattern that would show how this could be done .Thanks this is a great site .

  188. Well, this settles it. I am going to have to start making underwear again. A friend and I took a lingerie course 30 some years ago and made it all. Been a long time but but we had fun doing it.

  189. Thank you for writing this! I write about festival fashion and included a link to this. So fun!

    much love
    the Playa Diva

  190. […] Women’s undies out of old tshirts by Come and see the Seitz Men’s undies by […]

  191. Great tutorial I’m going to get started

  192. Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial! In short I have been searching for the perfect pattern to make my 4 year old daughter underwear that will actually fit her. The store bought kinds always are to big in the front and don’t cover her bottom! I have been on a quest to make her the perfect pair myself with barely any sewing knowledge and you have REALLY helped me! Thank you soooo much!

  193. What kind of sewing machine are you using in the tutorial? It looks really great looking.

  194. i was so happy to find this. i have been looking for white panties for my girls (and you cannt find any ANYWHERE) i,’ve been sewing their clothes for years but never thought about there undies . thanks so much . going to go some white material and ill let you know whow it goes…….

  195. Reblogged this on kaylamessies and commented:
    How Cool!

  196. I have bought a nice satin and absorbant cotton cloth. I am going to seive a very sexy panty for my wife for her birthday!!! maybe it fits well and she feels happy.. I always give her gifts on many occassions, but this time let it be special. any idea of flat stone work on the middle of front surface? The satin is cherry red and it covers the front. the middle part would be 2 layers of cotton cloth and back would be satin. I am also looking forward to make a design of period panty for her. any ideas?

  197. […] 2. DIY Undies – Move those shirts from your t-shirt drawer to your panty drawer with this simple tutorial. […]

  198. Thank you so much for placing this tutorial on your site. I am looking forward to making undies for myself and my daughters (ages 2, 4, and 6). Things are tight, but we always have clothing someone does not want anymore or people in our church giving us things when asked. So with all the fabric I now have, and thanks to you I will be able to sew all that I need to for myself and my girls. Many blessings to you and yours.

    • I just wanted to send you a hug. It is wonderful that you are sewing for your family. Some “search words” I find useful when looking for clever ways around a tight budget are “frugal”, “penny pincher” (not as deprived as it might sound), upcycle, recycle and generally any blog with the word “Mum”/ “Mom” in it. You are not alone.

  199. Any tips for someone that doesn’t have a serger?

  200. Wow, that is a LOT of replies 🙂 could it be that I’m not alone in thinking underwear is insanely overpriced and often poorly made? I’m going to try this right now !
    I have always had it on the to do list, but you have made it so easy and simple to follow. Thank you for the comprehensive instructions and the video:)

  201. I LOVE THIS WEB SITE!!!!!!

  202. Wow very clever idea lol ❤

  203. So many great comments. I have been want to do this, just like so many others. Thanks for making my day better.

  204. I have been looking online for this pattern,I actually had a pair of panties layed out going to make a pattern from ,also had the paper(that came in a xmas gift) to use to make a pattern,I am at last on the right track,I feel now with this tutorial I can make them,it started when I went to buy new ones & they were $6.00 a pair & determined I would not pay that much,I have a trunk full of fabric,so why not try,than you so much


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  207. Thank you for the tutorial, you make it look easy. I’m amazed how you are able to sew on the edge with the zigzag stitch, I still have issues going over the edge or not getting too close. I have a serger, but am still uneasy using it for jersery knit fabric since I’m still learning how to use it so I could use all the practice I can get.
    Thank you again for the tutorial and the giveaway offer!

  208. so neat! cant wait to try it! 🙂

  209. Fantastic ! Thank you so much for the Perfect instructions! You really make it look managable!

  210. Is there another trim option out there other than lace? I’m not a lace person, especially on undies (find it to be itchy).

  211. Excellant breakdown of step-by-step details…thanks so much!

  212. i will also make some for the guys in my house, using one of their old pairs for a pattern. sans lace, of course. i have tons of old t shirts. now i can stash them to make these without feeling like a fabric hoarder.

  213. So so cool and really easy! Thanks for posting this!

  214. Very lovely tutorial. thanks!

  215. Reblogged this on From Iowa to L.A. and commented:
    I found this tutorial on YouTube one day while I was searching around and added it to my ever growing list of “DIY/Sewing/Crafts.” I told my friend, Emily, about it too and on Saturday we opted to put the plan in action. We went to the fabric store and searched around for some fabric that not only would be hygienically friendly but also cost effective. Every girl knows that buying (cute) panties can be a pain in the butt (LOLOLOLL) and really expensive so we wanted to find an alternative. We found some fabric we liked, got the trims, etc. and our bill was only $15! We didn’t know how much we were going to need really but now that I’ve made my first pair and I have tons of fabric left over I plan on getting a lot of panties out my 1.5 yards. I used a regular sewing machine to make mine since I don’t have a serger and a zig-zag stitch seemed to work out just fine for me. The only thing about this tutorial that we found didn’t work was the leg bands. I don’t know why but for some reason when you go to put the stretch lace on using the same measurement of the old panties it is WAY to tight. Even though the old ones fit. It happened to Emily so it just seems to be a bit of a mysterious problem across the board. I recommend adding at least an inch to the cut off leg bands. I tested out the homemade panties yesterday to see how they worked out in a normal day of going to school and since it was ungodly hot yesterday just how everything was going to go. I am happy to say this was a COMPLETE success! I will never be buying store bought panties again!

  216. […] Sewing my 4 year old new panties….. Here is a link to (someone else’s) blog post how to make your own panties… any size.. They turned out […]

  217. This is great tutorial. Only problem for me is, I recently lost a lot of weight so the lace will cause a chafing issue. Would it work with thin elastic covered in jersey, maybe?

  218. I thinking of making some from the bamboo jersey in my stash

  219. Wow..this is great tutorial. Simple and easy to follow esp with the photos inserted.

  220. pretty much the ONLY tutorial to make panties that actually has lining, I LOVE YOU, thank you so much

  221. Great article.
    I wear nylon granny panties and cut apart a pair (as you did) and found that by adding some extra fabric to the inside front leg and front panel height, they better accommodate the male anatomy. Not needing the cotton insert, I use double nylon as it feels better. I also added to the side rise to give fuller coverage in rear and more room in front.
    Thanks for your post !

    • Hi Ray, it is nice to see other guys who are also handy with a sewing machine. I also found this article today, and not long after a new, very comfy pair resulted from an old t-shirt. The pattern was from one of my old pairs, and with very few small changes it looks and fits better than many a pair i bought in the shops.
      Happy sewing. 🙂

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  228. […] ready for the bin so I decided to sacrifice them to make a pattern. For my first pair, I followed this tutorial from comeandseetheseitz. I’ve since seen tutorials showing you how to make a pattern without cutting up a pair. My […]

  229. awesome! thanks very much for sharing!

  230. […] You find free knicker patterns around the internet here at So, Zo…, at mademoiselle chaos maybe you like the rosy ladyshorts pdf and here you can find some instructions how to copy and sew your own panties. […]

  231. […] Bra Tutorial via Love Aesthetics Panty Tutorial via Come and See the Seitz Strapless Bra to Bustier Tutorial Half Slip Pattern from Gertie’s New Blog for Better […]

  232. Can I get more samples and knowledge about making bikini and undergarment bcoz I want to run my own business and can u help me about machinery and total cost to open this business.

  233. This is a brilliant tutorial.
    As a guy (straight as an arrow) who likes to sew for fun and business, i had no problems with making myself a new pair of underpants using my favorite pair that was getting a wee bit old.
    An old t-shirt that was almost ready to become a carwashing rag due to age became my material, and not long after i had a nice new pair of unmentionables. 🙂
    Thanks again, this tutorial is really foolproof.

  234. I am size 26 Australia, I cannot find a pattern for lingerie, any suggestions. Would be appreciated

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  237. […] 3. Make Your Own Undies – A slave to Victoria’s Secret, no more! Check out how to make your own, cute undies from an old tee. […]

  238. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this tutorial. I made my first pair of pants today and they look great!

  239. Great tutorial. I want to make my own panties but I just don’t know how to start. Now that I found this tutorial, I’m definetely gonna try this. thanks so much!!

  240. This is great. They stopped making my favorite underwear. I told a friend I was going to sew my own and she laughed. I’m not sure about the jersey. I want 100% cotton, but I might browse a little.

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  277. Love this tutorial! I willl make these for my granddaughter when I have a chance. With the right jersey material and lace am sure she will be delighted!

  278. So cute! I tried making panties for my daughter and it didn’t work out, so I am so glad to find this tutorial. Thank you very much!

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  294. anyone have a pattern for seamless (just one fabric piece)?

  295. […] I don’t know why it took me so long to work this out. Check out this great tutorial, and this one. Well I stocked up on old T-shirts from the op shop, grabbed my bag of elastic (also collected […]

  296. Reblogged this on The Q effect.

  297. I can’t really sew yet but I’m trying really hard to learn on my own. Going to start with your tutorial tonight. Fingers crossed!

  298. what kind of stitching machine is suitable to stitch this

  299. As the Grandmother of 3 growing girls…(ages 5…6…&11) …I Thank you immensely…your tutorial was the first I clicked on…and the ONLY one I’ve utilized…my ‘virgin’ attempt…was making my own….and I spent approx 45 minutes….from start to finish…I’ve now made 10 for each of my granddaughters…and 6pr for their mother…and I’d say with having made over 50 pair…and not one of them knows they’re handma!de…(dont ask…LoL don’t tell…)I’ve coordinated solid color tanks to go with 2 pr of panties for each of them…SO EASY…SO ADORABLE!!!
    It has been time very well spent…THANKS AGAIN…😊😊😊

  300. […] Comment faire le patron d’une culotte a partir d’une vielle culotte+ tuto du montage  ici […]

  301. You make it look Soo easy to see underwear. Do you see it still by any chance.

  302. I followed the directions and had made a undies last week, I was pleased with the result. I think i will make more of them in the future.
    I was looking at the pattern of the lace undies, and I was really puzzled that why the Medium size was 25 inches wide while the Large size was 24 and 3/4 inches wide. Is there any special reason for it or just a typo?

  303. […] actual pattern for this, just looked up a couple tutorials and traced from clothes I already had. Here’s a blog post with a similar procedure for making panties. The bra, on the other hand, can best be described as […]

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