Where to Buy Jersey Fabric?

I just wanted to share with you all a quick exchange from my Pattern Challenge group on Flickr.  Ruth asked an excellent question about where to shop for apparel fabric.  In light of my post about sewing underwear, I wanted to give you all some ideas about where to buy jersey and other apparel fabrics:

Fabric sources

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ircabbit says:

Sarah’s underwear post today has me thinking about fabrics…

Does anybody know of great places to get fabrics for clothing? The only place I know of right now is Joann’s, and my local store is not very good. They seriously have 4 bolts of cotton jersey, all solids. I should stop by the thrift store to look into repurposing stuff, but I would really just rather be able to buy what I need and not have to worry about cutting garments apart and not having enough fabric.

So where does one go for nice clothing fabric?

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Sarah Seitz is a group administrator Sarah Seitz says:

Great question!!! Ok, my #1 source for apparel’s fabric is fabric.com. You HAVE to sign up for their emails. You will get an email everyday with a new (ridiculously amazing) deal. I’m talking like $2.00 a yard for fabrics. Here are my favorite things about fabric.com:

1. They have a huge selection of apparel’s fabric
2. Shipping is free if you spend $35.00 or up (US only)
3. FREE RETURNS!! That’s right! They will even pay for the shipping for returns (but not reimburse your shipping cost to buy the item, if you didn’t meet the $35 threshhold).

Here are some really fun printed jersey fabrics.

And here’s a whole section on just jersey fabric.
Most jersey is 60″ wide so you are going to get a TON of mileage from it, especially if you’re making undies.

Thanks for bringing up this great question, Ruth!


Thanks, Ruth, for asking such a great question!  Do any of you have any other suggestions for where to buy apparel fabric?  Please share them in the comments!

And, no, I’m not sponsored by Fabric.com (although I wish I was!!).


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  1. I like denverfabrics.com … or at least, like the store, as I’m willing to drive an hour to get to it. I’d also suggest fabric sellers on etsy, as there’s usually a vast amount of variety there.

  2. You might want to check out EmmaOneSock.com. She has beautiful and unusual fabrics sometimes. Some on a pricey side, some very reasonable. I particularly like to visit her sweater knits…
    I never actually ordered from her, but this is only because I don’t actually do any sewing…

  3. Thank you! I’ve been going nuts trying to shop at the Joanns in my area! They have nothing! These sites are awesome!

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