Share Your Creations!!

Has anyone out there tried any of my tutorials?  I’ve created a Flickr space for you to upload your finished projects made using my Tutorials.  I would LOVE to see what you’ve made!  As an extra bonus, I will randomly select photos from this pool to share on my blog, and I will also hold giveaways open to everyone who has a photo in the pool.

Come and See the Seitz Flickr Group

Perhaps you’ve sewn up a pair of panties?


Or tried the Smocked Skirt?


Have you made a Simple Zippered Pillowcase?


Or a Makeup Bag?


The overwhelming feeling from my Poll earlier this month was that you wanted to see more Tutorials….well, I’m happy to oblige, but first I would love to see how my current tutorials are working for you!! 


On another note, I hope to have more homemade goodness to share with you before we leave for our European vacation on May 1st.  I’ve made several things for the trip, but haven’t gotten around to photographing them yet.  Lazy, lazy, lazy!!


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  1. i love european vacations because the places in europe are very beautiful “”

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