Spring Ruffle Top

I just barely scraped this top out using what little of this fabric I had.  My sister originally bought the fabric for an Anthropologie knock-off top she made (maybe I can get her to send me a photo, it’s adorable!) and she gave me what she had left over.  To make it work, I had to omit the adorable pleats at the top (maybe a good idea considering my…ahem…*larger* bust size).  For the straps and chest yoke, I used a natural colored Essex linen/cotton blend.  One of my favorite fabrics to use, especially in quilting.

The pattern is, of course, Made By Rae’s Ruffle Top Tutorial.  You may remember another version I made awhile back:

Sorry for the crazy amount of clothes-making posts lately.  Am I losing all my dearly loved quilty followers?  I promise I will get back to quilting soon enough!  I’ve got one in progress right now (well, I say that but it’s been almost finished for about 5 months now, just needs binding!). 

Is anyone interested in our Europe itinerary?  I’d be happy to share, if anyone out there is curious.  3 days!!!!!

P.S.  I entered the first top above, along with these two, into Made By Rae’s Spring Top Week.  Don’t forget to Vote for your favorite starting next week!!


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  1. I always love to see your amazing creations! And please post your itinerary. I can’t wait to see and hear about all the fun you’re going to have, especially in Italy. Ciao Bella!

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