Just Saying Hi

Once again summer has caught up with me and I have nothing to show for myself!

But, since I can’t go this long without checking in, here are some photos to prove that I’m not permanently tied to a blanket outside reading a good book (although that sounds quite lovely!):

My family was in town (from Boston and California) for a summer visit.  The weather was absolutely perfect and we had a blast playing with the babies and getting caught up.

Mom and me

My sisters babies, don't they look so alike?

Bathtime in our sink

Cousin Tom performs his magic sleeping trick on Sammy. Or, Sammy falls asleep against Tom's hand!

At the beach!

At the Ballard Locks in Seattle

My birthday is coming up on Tuesday!  I can’t wait.  We’re going to Pasta Freska, a wonderful Seattle Italian restaurant with no menus!  The chef comes to your table to find out your likes and dislikes and then the food just starts flowing!  We’ve been before and had a blast.

Hope you all forgive me for being so out of touch, I’m just enjoying the lovely weather too much…I’m hanging on to this summer as much as I can, as I know it will be gone very soon!


3 Responses

  1. Yay Sarah!

    I’ve missed your blogs!

  2. Oh how fun! I’ve been wondering where you were – I wondered if my reader accidentally dropped your blog!

    Glad to hear that life is treating you well and you’ve been enjoying quality time with the family! Happy early birthday!

  3. What summer takes away from blogging it gives back in getting out and doing stuff! Enjoy what’s left of the summer!

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