Halloween Party

I know, I know, I’m a month late on this posting, but I wanted to post them anyways!  My friend Dacia and I threw a Halloween party and had so much fun putting it together!  Here are some photo highlights of the night:

The Dorothy costume turned out well!  It needed a lot of adjustments to make it not so frumpy (I chopped off about 10 inches from the hem!):

The best part of the outfit was definitely the shoes!  I bought some cheapy flats at Goodwill, spray painted them red, then painted on mod podge before completely covering them in red glitter.  They were so much fun to make and they turned out so cute!


6 Responses

  1. I love the Dorothy shoes! Those did turn out perfect! So what were the “shrunken heads”? How did you make them?

  2. I love those decorations and your dress turned out great!

  3. Great job on the dress!

  4. Love all your details and you look so cute as Dorothy!

  5. that was so fun! and you looked darling in your outfit. 🙂

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