Baby’s Room

I started working on this collage of how I plan to decorate baby’s room.  The top two fabrics are what I’m making the crib bumper out of (it will be reversible).  The fabric comes from Monaluna’s Circa 50 line.  The rest of the fabrics will all be used as accents (pillows for the glider, a simple baby quilt, etc.).  The solids are all Kona cottons, which I love sewing with (Kona Lagoon, Kona Chartreuse and Kona Medium Grey).

We’ll be painting the walls grey, I haven’t picked out the color yet, so please feel free to send me suggestions if you happen to know the perfect grey!  The love the decal I found, and I’ll probably position it above the crib.  I found the cute little numbered flash cards from ChildrenInspireDesign for a steal at $12.99 for the ten (they are no longer on sale).  I’m going to frame them in white frames and arrange them on one wall. 

You can’t see the light fixture very well since I made it so small, but it’s this lamp from IKEA.  It’s a smaller version of the lamp we have up in our daybed, and I think it will look very cute in the nursery.

Well, I’ve got some serious decorating to do!  That should keep me busy for the next 3.5 months until baby comes.  I’ll leave you with my most recent belly pic, here I am at my aunt’s house on Christmas day, 6.5 months pregnant (taken with my new D-SLR, a Nikon D5000, giddy sounds ensue!!):


5 Responses

  1. Awwwww! You’re soo cute with your baby belly. love it! Cute plan for the room. Looking forward to seeing it all together for real.

  2. The room is going to look great!

  3. I’m so excited for you! Your ideas for the room are so perfect….I’m a grey lover myself! Cherish all these moments and those to come….they come and go so fast! Warmest wishes–

  4. So cute, I love it all! It makes me quite jealous that I don’t have a room to decorate for Sammy- some day…

  5. […] made this rocket mobile for a friend”s baby room. One of the fabrics she picked out for the room was a rocket print, so I modeled these rockets on […]

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