Changing Pad

Finally, a finished project!  I made this changing pad and matching diaper/wipes case this week.

To make the changing pad, I cut the fabric to 12″ x 23″ and rounded the corners using a CD.  I fused two layers of batting to the outer fabric and then sandwiched that with the laminated cotton fabric, then basted around the edges.  Measure 7.25″ from both the bottom and top and stitch a line to create the folding creases.  Next, sew extra-wide double-fold bias trim (one 3 yard pack is plenty) to the laminated side, turn it to the back and handstitch it to the fabric side.  Finally, attach snaps and you’re done!

The diaper/wipes case is a pattern from One Yard Wonders.  For fun, I also lined it with the laminated fabric.

Next project on the docket is to make a Hooter Hider.  I’m having such a hard time picking out what fabric to use!  I’m not allowing myself to buy fabric since I have such a huge stash, but for some reason I just can’t choose!


4 Responses

  1. That turned out great! Yay for projects for baby!

  2. It looks great and love that fabric!

  3. Really cute! I think I would like to make one! BTW…I do have several hooter hiders on hand, if you want one. But, I know you probably want to choose your own fabric and design. Just saying…

  4. Love it! Can’t wait to see all your creations in person- only a few more weeks!

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