The Nursery

Welcome to my little boy’s nursery!  The babe is due to show up one week from today, and his room is finally complete.  I’ve been slowly decorating since January:  planning, painting, purchasing and crafting.  I couldn’t be happier with the end result; his room feels like an oasis and my husband and I love to just go sit in there and enjoy the space.

This is the glider we found at Goodwill for $25.  It originally featured an 80’s cherry red stain and the most horrendous flower print you can imagine.  We primed and painted it this nice glossy white and I went to town recovering the cushions.  I’ve never tried reupholstery before, but I was surprised at how easily it came together.  I simply ripped apart the seams of all the old pieces and used those to create the new pattern.  The cushions themselves were in great shape so the only extra expense that went into this was $15 of fabric from JoAnns (used a 40% off coupon).  Factoring in primer and paint, we spent less than $50 on this chair.  Not bad considering these look-alikes at Pottery Barn will run you $928.00 for frame, ottoman and cushions (no, I’m not kidding, have a look for yourself!!).

This is an IKEA Hemnes dresser, which we are using as the changing table.  It was a craigslist find, so we got a great deal.  This dresser is full to the brim of adorable clothes for our little one.  The best part?  To date we’ve purchased exactly 3 items of clothes for him.  One was new (purchased the day we found out he was a boy) and the other two were consignment.  Talk about being blessed with a plethera of hand-me-downs and adorable baby shower gifts!  We received so much clothes that I could only fit up through 6 months in the dresser!  The rest is in back storage ready to come out as he grows.

These are cheap IKEA frames which I used to highlight the fabrics I’m using in baby’s quilt.  The fabrics are from Laurie Wisburn’s Tufted Tweets and Monaluna Circa 50s.  Framing fabric is such an inexpensive way to display art.

Here’s his crib with the bumper I made.  This is now the 3rd bumper I’ve made (two other were commissioned by friends) so I’m getting quite quick at making them.  I think this one took about 2 evenings.  The slowest part is all the hand-stitching at the end, but I enjoy it.

These counting cards are from Children.Inspire.Design.  We just spray-painted some clothespins white and strung them above the crib.

This absolutely gorgeous blanket was hand-knit by my dear co-worker.  I am in love with the colors and the design and I know it will be something he will have his whole life!  What a special gift!

This is the mobile my dear friend made for baby.  I had been looking for the perfect mobile for his room and I couldn’t find anything I liked.  When I unwrapped this gift I was overwhelmed by how perfect it was!  She copied the rockets from one of his quilt fabrics and, of course, used his room colors.  I love it so much and I think it’s the most custom part of the whole room!

Well, that’s the tour!  I’m patiently waiting for him to arrive and I’ll be sure to pop on here once he has to announce his birth and also his name (yes, he has a name!).

I’d love your comments on the nursery and any advice you may have for a new mommy!

Room Details…

Counting Cards:  Children.Inspire.Design.
Dresser/Changing Table:  IKEA Hemnes dresser
Paint Color:  Glidden Granite Grey (Home Depot)
Light fixture:  IKEA Glansa
Build a Fort print:  Nikki McClure
Crib:  BSF Baby Paris 4-in-1 Crib
Grey Rug:  Hand-Tufted Rojan Wool Rug from
Green Window Mirror:  Goodwill find


18 Responses

  1. Sarah, It looks wonderful! It all came together so well!! Now you just need your little boy to arrive. I can not wait to meet him!! You are missed here at work!

  2. Yay! I love his room. It all turned out so cute. You did a great job! Little one is going to love it and hopefully be captivated and calmed in it.

  3. i love love love it. the gray paint is so beautiful. it’s hard to do gray without it being purple. i cannot wait to hear about little seitz’ arrival.
    my advice to you for right now is to enjoy the quiet moments while you still have them. i know you can barely breathe your so excited to meet baby, but take some time to prepare your heart and mind for this incredible thing that’s about to happen to you. oh, and go on LOTS of dates with daddy to be… these are your last special moments alone. do not waste them!
    much love!!!

  4. Well…. all I can say is, I would have given my eye teeth to have such a room to lay my infant head. This is so cool, this kid is getting a GOOOOOOOOOD start. I think I spent my first two years in a cellar underneath rickety, mold stairs (or something poetic like that!)

  5. LOVE it! 🙂 You did such an amazing job! It definitely gets me so excited to start plugging away on ours!

  6. Love love love it! So adorable! I may need to commission you for a crib bumper!

  7. You are amazing. I am in awe. The room is beautiful and soothing, and it’s clear all the love and care you put into it. Can’t wait to hear about his arrival!!

  8. This is the best baby room ever! You guys did an awesome job!!

  9. It’s wonderful Sarah! Every part is so cute and designed so fun. I will pray for you and baby to have a safe and easy delivery. It is so wonderful being a mom. Enjoy every part.

  10. Sarah! Wow I’m so amazed! It looks incredible!!!!!! Way to go, and good luck in the next week!!!

  11. I love the room!!!

  12. What a wonderful room, Sarah! So cute!!

  13. It is perfect, Sarah! Love your fabric and color choices so much. You are amazingly multi-talented! Soon your space will be complete when you’re enjoying it with your precious son! Praying for you both as you countdown to this huge event. So excited to meet baby.

  14. What an amaxzing space! I love what you have done. Love the little pictures hanging with the clothes pins, so cute! And the rug, just lovely!

  15. How is Asher enjoying his room? Are you up to anything crafty? I would love a new update! Miss you!

  16. It’s a beautiful room!! So calm. The only things I’d do different is have the mobile lower (babies can see only about 18″ at birth) and NOT use a crib bumper as it’s a risk factor for SIDS (although quite low down on the list compared to no smoking, co-sleeping and breastfeeding). I also don’t see any babywearing gear–very easy to make yourself 🙂

  17. Lovely room, but I am also surprised to see a crib bumper. Here in the Netherlands they aren’t sold at all as they are considered to be a big NO NO because of the risk of babies suffocating in them.

  18. its been soooooooooo long ago that you posted this amazing room you made for your little one…but i would love to know where you got this incredible little hanging light fixture from…it just makes the room!
    thank you so much for sharing!

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