Two Mini Quilts

These are two more Christmas presents that I made this year.  They were made for two crafty ladies who have both had an incredible influence on my sewing endeavors.  

The top is a mini quilt for my dear friend, Dacia.  I’m not sure where I got the idea for this one, but I’m quite happy with the result.  I used an old CD to trace the circle shapes and then simply stitched them to the quilt using swirly free-motion designs.  I then stipple quilted in between the circles, which helped to give the quilt some real texture.  I love the way this one looks from the back!  It’s bound in one of my newly discovered favorite fabrics (of the moment!):  Art Gallery’s “Wallpaper” by Patricia Bravo.

The quilt on the bottom was made for my sister-in-law, Emily, in hopes of brightening up those long (dark) winters in Denmark.  My brother and his wife moved to Denmark for a job last February.  Only a few months later, Emily and Aaron had their first son, Ethan.  Denmark is situated on the same latitude as Alaska, which means that in the wintertime they sometime have only 6-8 hours of light a day.  I was hoping she could hang this in the kitchen or main room to offer a bit of a sunny scene.  I used Ashley’s great tutorial for making a string quilt block to construct this mini quilt.  Rather than using paper to foundation-piece these blocks, I used a lightweight muslin.  That way I didn’t have to rip out the paper afterwards.

Here’s a close up of the backside of these quilts:

I’m itching to get started on another mini quilt.  These are so much fun to make and finish up so much more quickly than a full sized quilt.  Does anyone know of any great mini quilt patterns or have any photo inspirations they can share with me?  I’d love to see!  Post a link in the comments, if you like.

A Quilt for My Mom

My mom has been an admirer of my quilts since I began quilting a little over a year ago.  She has always been so supportive and full of wonderful compliments for my work.  This Christmas I decided to make her a quilt using some of her favorite fabrics.  I ordered fabrics designed by William Morris (an incredible textile designer from the 1800s) and created a simple pattern using 5″ squares and cream linen sashing.  I quilted it with a random stippling (free-motion) design and when washed it became perfectly crinkled!  It’s bound in a deep merlot-colored kona cotton fabric.

The end result was a small lap quilt, perfect for those cold nights in Boston.  Here’s my sweet mom (and my parents golden retriever, Sofie, in the background) in her snuggly living room in Boston.  Won’t this quilt look great on her couch?  I also tried to think about what would look nice with her rug.  I think this should fit the bill just fine!

More Christmas gift posts to come!!!  I’m still waiting for my package to arrive in Denmark for my brother and sister-in-law (I sent it weeks ago, I promise!).

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!  In about a week I’m off to California to meet my new nephew….oh the cuteness of this little guy cannot even be spoken of!  Here he is next to the GIANT stocking that my brother-in-law always fills for my sister:

Quilting Bee

I was inspired by Bloc Party to finally join (and host!) my first quilting bee!  I’m so excited about this group.  There are 12 of us who will be creating Modern-inspired quilts (however each of us interprets that).

I can’t wait for my month to come.  I’m planning to have mostly solid fabrics (bright!) with one or two print per block.  The main “star” of the block will be the added element of TEXTURE!!!  I want to play around with smocking (think my Honeycomb pillow, but mixed in with a block), pleating, gathering, all sorts of textural elements.

I am ridiculously inspired by this block I found on Flikr:


From Flikr – PaisleyGarden/AmyLouWho

Anyways, more about our group.  I started a new blog for us, so we can post often to tell each other what we’ve been up to.  Add us to your reader!:

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this mosiac I put together from my talented group of Mod Quilters!


1. DSC_1716, 2. joseph’s coat, 3. november 7 2009 393, 4. IMG_3409, 5. DSC_1747, 6. SKAH giraffe block for Hanies, 7. BTRS Quilt – front, 8. KI 010, 9. Back of Wonky Horse, 10. original owl quilt top, 11. tetheredthreads1, 12. SC3 Block for Cam11, 13. Single Girl (baby) Quilt, 14. November Bee Balm Block, 15. Scrappy, 16. i spy, 17. IMG_3389, 18. DSC01331, 19. SC3 for OhThatAshley #1, 20. november 7 2009 381, 21. Drunk Love Baby Quilt, 22. Baby Boy Quilt, 23. DSC00505, 24. Baby quilt for Emily, 25. Lainey’s Quilt, 26. Hip, modern tree skirt, 27. Boo Complete, 28. “Flowers for a Friend”, 29. Traditional Block, 30. november 7 2009 390

If you want to check out any of their blogs or Flikr profiles, here is the info (can also be found on our new blog):

1. Sarah Seitz (host) –
2. Ruth –
3. Wanda – fabriclover2009 (Flikr)
4. Beth –
5. Shea –
6. Solidia –
7. Annette –
8. Shelly –
9. Leah –
10. Melissa –
11. Dena –
12. Leanne – lnwcohen (Flikr)


P.S.  Have you all checked out Hawthorne Threads?  It’s a new online fabric store that I’m super excited about!

Scrappy Quilt

I was inspired by Red Pepper Quilt’s post to go through my scrap bin to create something beautiful.  I started by grouping my scraps together by color and cutting them into 4.5″ x 1.5″ strips.  I then sewed 4 from the same color grouping together to make a block and squared all sides up to 4.25″.  The finished quilt will look something like this.  I ended up with eight color groupings:  yellows, reds, pinks, blues, greens, oranges, purples and blacks/greys.  Here are some of my favorites:


This is turning out to be one of those projects that I will be working on for a long time!  I’m hoping to make a finished quilt that’s 12 blocks by 15 blocks in size, which means I will need a total of 180 blocks…so far I have  only made 40.  My one concern is that I could run out of scraps, so I may need to wait for them to pile up a bit more before I finish this quilt. 

Big news in my world:


I had a birthday on Monday and my amazing hubby gave me a brand new Janome Memory Craft 6600P!  Oh, I am in love with this machine…it had all the features I was looking for in a cost that didn’t even compare to the unaffordable prices I saw in Pfaffs or Berninas with the same or similar functions.

Some of my favorite features:

  • Automatic scissors (I can tell it to cut off the end of my thread when I finish a seam – saves on a ton of thread!)
  • Kneelift which raises the presser foot
  • Built in dual feed (walking foot)
  • Simple electronic interface
  • Basic alphabet stitches
  • Memory bank for favorite stitches and settings
  • And EVERYTHING else!!!

Thanks to my friend Dacia for letting me borrow her camera so I could finally get a post out!!

Updated: Baby Boy Quilts for Quilt Festival 2009

Updated:  I have added this quilt to the 2009 Quilt Festival sponsored by Amy at Park City Girl.




This quilt now lives in Denmark with my adorable little nephew, Ethan.  He is only 6 weeks old, and let me tell you, he’s a doll!!


It had been in the works for awhile, but my sister-in-law reads my blog so I had to keep it hush hush!

It was made from 2 charm packs from the Arcadia line by Moda.  I sashed it with a linen/cotton blend and stipple quilted it.  This time I didn’t prewash any of the fabrics, hoping that it would get that lovely crinkly look.  It worked so well and I loved the way it looked when I took it out of the dryer.  I had so much fun making it knowing that it would be something that little Ethan would have forever.

I also made a quilt for my dear friend’s adorable baby, Ulysses.  Unfortunately I totally forgot to take pictures!  My friend posted this picture though, which will at least give you an idea.  It was so fun to make two totally different baby boy quilts!  I think that each one suits the mommy as well as the baby boy.

Mod Sampler Quilt: Updated

I finished my first quilt ever for Oh Fransson’s quilt along!  This was so much fun to make, and I love how it turned out!


I’ve decided to add this quilt to Park City Girl’s Quilt Festival!  What a great idea!  So, in light of that, I’m updating this post by adding the “story” of this quilt.

I think that there will always be something special about one’s first quilt.   The Mod Sampler was my first quilt.  I have been inspired by quilting for awhile now, whether it was living vicariously through blogs and magazines or admiring my friend’s lovely creations, I knew that there must one day come a time when I tried my hand out at quilting.  When Oh, Fransson decided to sponsor a Quilt Along, I knew this was the perfect opportunity for me.

Although I didn’t follow her time schedule exactly, I found her instructions and resources to be so easy to follow and enjoyable.  Once I finished this quilt I had such a strong sense of accomplishment!  It still makes me so happy to see it draping over my couch.  I already have plans for my second quilt, and I know that this was only the beginning of a wonderful friendship between myself and quilting. 

I hope you enjoy my quilt and can find some inspiration out of it!







I can tell that this will be the first of many quilts to come!

Happy Easter!

A Quick Teaser

Well, at least I didn’t promise I’d update you on my quilt-along process along the way!  My quilt should be finished tomorrow, at which point I will post a plethera of wonderful pictures to show you as much of the process as I remembered to photograph.  But, until then I’ll leave you with a brief teaser:


And here is a bag I made a couple of weeks ago.  I actually made it with scrap fabric in order to come up with a pattern that I could use for the “real” bag.  I love how it looks so much, though, that I’ve been using it ever since!


That’s all for now.  I’ll be back tomorrow or Sunday with photos of my finished quilt.