Chocolate Guinness Pudding

Quiche and Oven Fries


Gorgonzola Burger


Phad Thai


Garbanzo Bean Soup with Saffron


Artisan Bread in Five Minutes

Homemade Pizza

Greek Panzanella

Butter Chicken


One Response

  1. I made the butter chicken and it was AMAZING! i actually added a little bit of my own stuff becuase i didn’t have all the spices by themselves and to try and make it a LITTLE healthier i used half of the butter and half of the lite cream it called for and it was still amazing. i had a lot of leftovers and the last time i reheated it i made angel hair pasta and then put it in the pan and heated it all up together and it was AWESOME!!! i can’t wait to make this again. thank you so much for poste.

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