Amie-Kate’s Quilt

About a year ago my cousin, who lives in Scotland with her husband and four adorable kiddos, asked me if I would make a doll quilt for her youngest daughter, Amie-Kate. I was honored!  However, Asher had just come along and I foolishly tucked away the piece of fabric she sent me, thinking I’d get back to it quickly.  Fast forward to nearly a year later (ah!) and I found the lovely bit of fabric and remembered, OHMYGOODNESS, I totally forgot about the quilt!  I quickly sketched up a quilt map/pattern, picked out coordinating fabrics and went to cutting!  Once I got started it came together quickly.  This was a fun quilt to make and I love thinking about it keeping Amie-Kate’s dolls warm for many years to come!




3 Responses

  1. Beautiful colors& fabric choice!
    Remind me to show you the doll quilts that your Great Grandmama made for me and Betty.

  2. yay!! that turned out cute! what a lucky girl

  3. glad to read this post…awesome

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