Baby Boy!

Looks like we’re having a boy! 

As I’m typing he’s kickin’ around; he’s so active!  Being pregnant has been such a joy, I’m working on my biggest craft to date!  I have been blessed to feel really healthy throughout the pregnancy so far. 

I’m starting to think about how I want to decorate baby’s room.  My friend sent me a link to this fabric line, which I am in love with (darn!  I just realized this fabric is $34 a yard!!  that could get pricey for making crib bedding…):

I’m planning to paint the walls of the nursery a warm grey, and I think pops of chartreuse and teal could be really fun!  I’d have to be careful that it didn’t end up looking girly, but I think I could work with it.  The crib and changing table set I want to get will be all white, which should look nice and crisp next to the bright colors. 

Just so you know, I haven’t stopped sewing!  I’m slowly working on some Christmas gifts, which unfortunately I can’t post on here yet.

The hubs and I are off to Boston on Saturday to visit my parents.  I’m so excited for them to meet baby via my belly bump!  They should get to feel some good kicks too, which will be so fun!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Happy Birthday, Seester!!

Dear Big Sister,

Happy Birthday!  It is so amazing to actually be able to call you my best friend (and mean it!).  We are so alike, yet I remember where we came from and can’t even imagine how we got here!  Thank you for being there for me at ALL times and for being such a positive role model in my life. 

I wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but alas, not this year!  Have a great day (filled with fabric shopping, sewing, eating chocolate and ice cream and doing no housework!).  I love you!!! 

Love Your Little Sis,


New Camera!

I just ordered this puppy…


Which means I’ll have no excuse not to blog!!  It should be arriving sometime next week, I can’t wait!!

Once it’s here, I’ve got plenty of new items for the shop that I’ll get photographed and orderable on Etsy.

Check back!!!


Welcome to my new website!  Have a look around, stay for awhile.  Come back and visit?


You might notice a few changes happening around here in the next couple of weeks.  All starting with the official domain change!  Welcome to…. 

(no more!) Please be sure to update your reader if it is not automatically done.

 Next, I have ordered some fabric labels and am opening my first Etsy shop (link to be posted soon) in hopes of expanding my hobby into something a bit more legit (don’t worry, I didn’t quite my day job).  I’m super excited about this, so bear with me as I transition.

 In other news, I made this cute shirt following Made By Rae’s Spring Top tutorial:


I wasn’t loving how it looked at first, but then I realized that I just needed some belt love.  I had this white belt on hand, but I think I might make a simple linen belt using the same white fabric I used for the sleeves and shirt top.

 In keeping with the theme of Made By Rae’s patterns, I also whipped up this cute orange Buttercup Bag for a dear friend who just graduated from college: 

bag mosiac

A couple weeks earlier I made this Buttercup Bag (which I totally forgot to photograph until I got in the car on the way to gift it to the recipient, sorry for the cell phone pictures):


These little purses are so much fun to make, I am definitely considering become a licensed reseller!  I can see a ton of customization in the future too (larger, zippered pockets, different strap configurations, etc).

It is now after 2pm and the husband and I are still traipsing around in our pajamas.  Time to let the day begin!

My Maddie and Her Mommy and Daddy

I just had to dedicate a post to my adorable niece and her charmed life. Can you imagine popping out of the womb to see this beautiful couple staring up at you?

Or coming home for the first time to see that this is your new bedroom?

I’m telling you, this little baby could not be loved more if she were Suri Cruise herself. Levi and I were able to spend a week with Madelyn starting the day after she was born. And now, let me introduce you to Madelyn Kate:

Spending that week with Madelyn and my sister and brother-in-law made Levi and I get a serious case of the “Californias.” Someday we would love to be able to live near them, to be able to raise our children together. Families just shouldn’t be spread across the world. It’s just not right! With my parents in Boston and my sister in California, it sometimes feels like we will never all be together. I sure am glad I have my brother and sister-in-law here in Seattle or things would be really tough!

I will leave you with this positively adorable video of Maddie and her favorite toy. Notice how every time the music stops she starts talking like mad to get mommie to turn it back on! So cute! By the way, she is about 2 1/2 months old in this video. Today she is 3 1/2 months. She’s growing too quickly!


Today I took my last final EVER. My pen will never again grace the likes of a BlueBook. My mind will never again be filled up with last minute cram sessions and memorizations. I cannot believe it! There is really something strange about moving on to the next phase of life after graduating from college. My best friend and I were talking about how weird it will be to no longer be able to categorize ourselves as “students.” I think that this is something that will take a long time to get used to. But, it will be great nonetheless. I finished my last final at about 2 p.m. and immediately headed up to Blockbusters to pick up a sappy chick flick (P.S. I love you) and to Starbucks to grab some coffee. Yes, it is only 2:45 in the afternoon and I will soon be vegeing out on the couch watching a movie. I love it! But, before I start, I thought that I would share with you a random smattering of pictures showing you the Seitz’s life over the last weekend.

First, on Wednesday night my friend (pseudo sister) called and asked if Levi and I could babysit her adorable 13 month old daughter. OF COURSE! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a bit baby obsessed. She was an absolute delight and Levi and I gloated over her the entire night. She was especially fascinated with our fish (R.I.P. Juno, our fish who died yesterday :(….) and my guitar. She went to sleep at around 7:30 p.m. and she didn’t fuss at all. We couldn’t help ourselves and we had to peek in on her several times. You can thank me later:

Seriously, babies this cute should not exist! This little girl coupled with my indescribably cute 3-month-old niece make it REALLY difficult for people like me and my husband who are baby-obsessed to not immediately go pro-create! Ack!

The next happening of our week was all in Levi’s arena. He got picked up at 6:30 a.m. by some friends from work and they went to three (count them: 3) skate parks in Renton, Kent and Auburn. Crazy? Yes. He had a great time doing some “old man skating” as he called it, which is more the Dogtown style (google it) than the trick based stuff he used to do. He had a blast, and I was glad he was returning to his adorable skater self that I first fell in love with. Here’s a couple of pictures courtesy of Levi’s friend from work (credits: Dan Brunner).

And, by the way, how amazing is that huge hole in the back of his jeans? Those are his Sevens. I don’t want to talk about it.

On to me, I finished making my dress this weekend. I was hoping to be able to wear it to my graduation on Saturday, so we will see if I get up the self confidence needed to wear it. There just seems to be something not quite perfect about the way it fits me, and being a perfectionist, this could mean that I will never wear it. I hope that’s not the case though, because Levi likes it. Here’s the pattern I used:

I chose a black satin fabric, and it is fully lined with a blue silk lining.

I think it looks better on a hanger!

Here you can see the lining and the back, which has a simple zipper and hook and eye closure:

Okay, enough of that. I will leave you with a couple of pictures of our newly redecorated apartment.

I made those pillows for our couches with some fabric I found at IKEA. The random artwork in the background is just that: random. I was inspired by something I saw at Apartment Therapy.

How did Levi’s Mexican blanket get in there? I thought for sure I had thrown that out several times :). The wall hanging is also fabric from IKEA, it comes hemmed, which is very nice. That’s all for now!

The Wonderful World of Subbing

I am a “Classified Substitute” with the Shoreline School District, which basically means that I am qualified to oversee some “nonteaching” positions in a classroom and I am a registered Paraeducator. It also means that I get about 20 phone calls between the hours of 5 and 7 a.m from an automated service called Subfinder. No, I’m serious. 20 calls. I must be the worst substitute ever because I have gotten into the habit of turning my phone on silent before I go to bed. The whole point of subs is that they are available in the mornings to substitute for sick teachers and paraeds, yet, as it seems, I would rather get my beauty sleep than be disturbed by that ghastly ring at 5 in the morning.

This morning when my alarm went off at 7:30 a.m., I shifted in bed to find my phone, making sure that I exuded the least amount of energy possible, I grabbed my phone off my nightstand and turned off the alarm. As I slowly got out of bed (and I mean really slowly) I noticed that this morning I had seventeen missed calls from Subfinder (even the name makes me jump as I undoubtedly do each morning that awful ring wakes me up). Seventeen people sick or unavailable to come to work that morning. Seventeen people relying on me, the biggest lazyhead around, to come through for them and get out bed and report to their job that morning. But, no no, not this morning. No, this morning I have a job of my own to report to.

I’ve been subbing on a semi-regular basis for this wonderful woman named Dee* who teaches at a high school in Shoreline (the school will remain nameless for the sake of google being such a darned good search engine). Her students absolutely love her, and no matter how great I may be (pretty great, if you were wondering), I am still not “Ms. Dee,” and her students are shocked and appalled that she could leave them for such a long period of time (2 weeks). I think it’s pretty endearing though, how much of a difference Dee has made in their lives. These are high school kids, they are rough and dirty, crude and harsh, yet something Dee has done has really made a difference. During Dee’s lunch hour, she graciously opens her doors to students that need a place to eat. And boy do they flock here. I have at least 30 people eating lunch in my classroom everyday. And Dee certainly doesn’t have to do that. She could lock her door and take the precious half hour as a chance to enjoy some peace and quiet, but instead she embraces the loudness, the craziness, and definitely the weirdness. I’m sure there are a boatload of blogs out there about inspirational teachers, but I definitely think Dee deserve a chance to join the ranks of those.

A telling story that occurred while filling in for Dee shows her kindess and gentleness: Although Dee’s main job at this high school is to oversee the students who are doing “credit recovery” or taking online courses, Dee also goes into a different class during one of her open periods and helps out in a math class. So, as I am filling in for Dee for the time being, I also go to this class. The first day I walk in only to hear the class roaring with complaints of, “where’s Dee?!” Finally they get used to me, and I attempt to keep the class flowing with minimal disruptions. This one kid, let’s call him Isaac, is being incredibly distracting, laughing and making a ruckus with a couple other guys. So, I move closer to where they’re sitting, hoping that my mere presence will be enough to stave off their bad behavior. I know, I know, of course it’s not. So, I put on my best intimidating face and direct my attention towards Isaac. “Quit talking,” I snarl, waiting for him to wince back, his tail between his legs like a punished puppy. “But look, check this out!” he concentrates hard and begins balancing his pencil on his desk with the eraser standing flush against the flat surface. The kids around him begin to laugh, causing even more of a disruption. I grab the pencil, and tell him to listen up, that the teacher is trying to give a lesson on graphing. He looks upset, and he stares up at me as I walk away, and coyly says, “Dee would’ve at least said ‘cool…'”

And that was it! Although my pride wouldn’t let me see it at first, I had just learned an important lesson from my first deliquent student, Isaac. These kids don’t need to be babied. They don’t need a person to point a finger at them or to tell them how it is. What they need is affirmation, someone to show them that they are important enough that it makes a difference whether they succeed or not. What would have happened if I had simply said “cool,” and then kindly asked him to redirect his attention to the teacher? Maybe nothing would have changed. Maybe he would have continued distracting students. But maybe, just maybe he would have seen that I had cared enough to affirm his person, to give him the okay on his quirky personality. Yes, I have a feeling I’m going to learn a lot from these kids.

*Names and faces may have been changed for my protection and yours.

Another blogger…

Here I am, joining the ranks of bloggers across the word.  My dad’s a blogger, my friends are bloggers, for goodness sake, I get all my recipes from bloggers, I might as well become one too, right?  I think of blogging as something that I have to do to stay relevant.  You remember that day when you finally decided you needed to get a cell phone because it was getting to the point where no one felt they knew you anymore,  simply because they couldn’t get ahold of you when you weren’t at home?  Or when you finally broke down and got a laptop computer because it was just getting ridiculous to not be able to check your email on the go.  Or, maybe it’s similar to how Levi can’t stop talking about the iPhone, wants one, must have one, loathes those who own them, because really, “imagine having your phone, computer AND iPod all in one place”!  These aforementioned reasons explain why I had to get a blog.  Without one, how could I possibly expect all of you (my friends, of course) to stay interested in me?  This will hereby become my way to “publish myself” to the world, to show off all my amazing talents, and to possibly brag about my wonderful husband occasionally.  This will also hereby become your personal portal to the inner workings of the Seitzs.  You will get to see what we’ve been eating, where we’ve been traveling, what I’ve been sewing, and who we’ve been hanging out with.  Let’s be honest, when it finally happens, you will probably learn about the arrival of our firstborn child through this blog (no, it’s not happening now).  All of this is to say, I realize how ridiculous this all sounds, to think that the only way you could know about us is by reading some weekly (or if you’re lucky, daily) digest about our lives.  But, isn’t this what its come to?  In all seriousness, I hope that this will give you an excuse to stay involved in our life.  We really do love our friends and family, and I hope that this blog allows you to stay connected with us.