City Thistle

My dear friend, Bethany, has opened a new Etsy shop, City Thistle!  She’s sellling absolutely beautiful jewelry and is hosting a giveaway on her blog to celebrate her new shop!

This is my fave item in her shop…just gorgeous!! 

But I also love this necklace:

And these lovely earrings:

Visit her blog to enter the giveaway and be sure to check out City Thistle on Etsy.  Tell her I sent you!


Baby’s Room

I started working on this collage of how I plan to decorate baby’s room.  The top two fabrics are what I’m making the crib bumper out of (it will be reversible).  The fabric comes from Monaluna’s Circa 50 line.  The rest of the fabrics will all be used as accents (pillows for the glider, a simple baby quilt, etc.).  The solids are all Kona cottons, which I love sewing with (Kona Lagoon, Kona Chartreuse and Kona Medium Grey).

We’ll be painting the walls grey, I haven’t picked out the color yet, so please feel free to send me suggestions if you happen to know the perfect grey!  The love the decal I found, and I’ll probably position it above the crib.  I found the cute little numbered flash cards from ChildrenInspireDesign for a steal at $12.99 for the ten (they are no longer on sale).  I’m going to frame them in white frames and arrange them on one wall. 

You can’t see the light fixture very well since I made it so small, but it’s this lamp from IKEA.  It’s a smaller version of the lamp we have up in our daybed, and I think it will look very cute in the nursery.

Well, I’ve got some serious decorating to do!  That should keep me busy for the next 3.5 months until baby comes.  I’ll leave you with my most recent belly pic, here I am at my aunt’s house on Christmas day, 6.5 months pregnant (taken with my new D-SLR, a Nikon D5000, giddy sounds ensue!!):

Baby Boy Golfing Hats

My sister finally opened an Etsy shop to sell her ridiculously cute baby boy golfing hats!  She will make a custom hat to fit your boy, and she can even make a matching one for daddy!! 

Check out her brand new shop, Kissed By Kate.

Congrats, sis!!  Glad you finally opened a shop!

Guest Blogger: Tutorial Roundup by Pin. Sew. Press.

Pin. Sew. Press. is a new blog that is packed with inspiring finished projects, beautiful photos, quilty goodness and much more!  Everything that Mary of Pin. Sew. Press. makes is constructed beautifully and made out of the cutest fabrics; she has a great eye for design.

Mary’s post will give you some ideas for some last-minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day.  You’ve still got a couple of days left to make something.  Thanks, Mary for compiling this great round-up!


Last Minute Sewing for Mom:

Tutorial Roundup by Pin. Sew. Press.

It’s almost Mother’s Day!  How about a handmade gift for Mom this year?

Here are some of my favorite free online tutorials, and I’ve sewn them all!

For the Home

1: Grocery Bag Dispensers, 2: Fabric Basket and coasters (coasters are my own design – no pattern)



1: Patchwork Pencil Pouch, 2: Stylish Pen Case, 3: Quilted Bible Cover



Row 1: Buttercup Bag, Simple Six-Pocket Tote
Row 2:
Phoebe Bags
Row 3:
Pleated Totes


There you have it!  Now go sew something nice for your mom!

Happy sewing!


Europe Itinerary

A couple people emailed me that they were interested in our itinerary for Europe.  Here’s a map which shows where we’re going and in what order:

And for fun, here’s some pictures, found on Flick, of our destinations:

1.  London

2.  Venice

3.  Florence

4.  Cinque Terre (La Spezia)

5.  Rome

6.  Copenhagen

Bon Voyage!

Share Your Creations!!

Has anyone out there tried any of my tutorials?  I’ve created a Flickr space for you to upload your finished projects made using my Tutorials.  I would LOVE to see what you’ve made!  As an extra bonus, I will randomly select photos from this pool to share on my blog, and I will also hold giveaways open to everyone who has a photo in the pool.

Come and See the Seitz Flickr Group

Perhaps you’ve sewn up a pair of panties?


Or tried the Smocked Skirt?


Have you made a Simple Zippered Pillowcase?


Or a Makeup Bag?


The overwhelming feeling from my Poll earlier this month was that you wanted to see more Tutorials….well, I’m happy to oblige, but first I would love to see how my current tutorials are working for you!! 


On another note, I hope to have more homemade goodness to share with you before we leave for our European vacation on May 1st.  I’ve made several things for the trip, but haven’t gotten around to photographing them yet.  Lazy, lazy, lazy!!

Come and See the Seitz on Facebook!

In a growing effort to make this blog more personal, I’ve created a “Come and See the Seitz” page on Facebook.  I’d love to connect with you all there, so if you’re up for it, please click the Facebook link in the sidebar on the right. 

In the future I plan to use Facebook as a daily log of what I’m up to, what tutorials or blogs I’ve been looking at, what giveaways I”m entering, etc.  And I’m sure I’ll also do some fun facebook only giveaways there in the future.  It would also be a great place for you to upload any pictures of things you have made using my tutorials.  I’d love to see them!

Hope to *see* you all there!

Where to Buy Jersey Fabric?

I just wanted to share with you all a quick exchange from my Pattern Challenge group on Flickr.  Ruth asked an excellent question about where to shop for apparel fabric.  In light of my post about sewing underwear, I wanted to give you all some ideas about where to buy jersey and other apparel fabrics:

Fabric sources

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ircabbit says:

Sarah’s underwear post today has me thinking about fabrics…

Does anybody know of great places to get fabrics for clothing? The only place I know of right now is Joann’s, and my local store is not very good. They seriously have 4 bolts of cotton jersey, all solids. I should stop by the thrift store to look into repurposing stuff, but I would really just rather be able to buy what I need and not have to worry about cutting garments apart and not having enough fabric.

So where does one go for nice clothing fabric?

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Sarah Seitz is a group administrator Sarah Seitz says:

Great question!!! Ok, my #1 source for apparel’s fabric is You HAVE to sign up for their emails. You will get an email everyday with a new (ridiculously amazing) deal. I’m talking like $2.00 a yard for fabrics. Here are my favorite things about

1. They have a huge selection of apparel’s fabric
2. Shipping is free if you spend $35.00 or up (US only)
3. FREE RETURNS!! That’s right! They will even pay for the shipping for returns (but not reimburse your shipping cost to buy the item, if you didn’t meet the $35 threshhold).

Here are some really fun printed jersey fabrics.

And here’s a whole section on just jersey fabric.
Most jersey is 60″ wide so you are going to get a TON of mileage from it, especially if you’re making undies.

Thanks for bringing up this great question, Ruth!


Thanks, Ruth, for asking such a great question!  Do any of you have any other suggestions for where to buy apparel fabric?  Please share them in the comments!

And, no, I’m not sponsored by (although I wish I was!!).

Holiday Sale in my Shop!

My iPod / iPhone / Camera Cases are on sale for $10 each!  Get them while they last!

Follow the link below:

Quilting Bee

I was inspired by Bloc Party to finally join (and host!) my first quilting bee!  I’m so excited about this group.  There are 12 of us who will be creating Modern-inspired quilts (however each of us interprets that).

I can’t wait for my month to come.  I’m planning to have mostly solid fabrics (bright!) with one or two print per block.  The main “star” of the block will be the added element of TEXTURE!!!  I want to play around with smocking (think my Honeycomb pillow, but mixed in with a block), pleating, gathering, all sorts of textural elements.

I am ridiculously inspired by this block I found on Flikr:


From Flikr – PaisleyGarden/AmyLouWho

Anyways, more about our group.  I started a new blog for us, so we can post often to tell each other what we’ve been up to.  Add us to your reader!:

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this mosiac I put together from my talented group of Mod Quilters!


1. DSC_1716, 2. joseph’s coat, 3. november 7 2009 393, 4. IMG_3409, 5. DSC_1747, 6. SKAH giraffe block for Hanies, 7. BTRS Quilt – front, 8. KI 010, 9. Back of Wonky Horse, 10. original owl quilt top, 11. tetheredthreads1, 12. SC3 Block for Cam11, 13. Single Girl (baby) Quilt, 14. November Bee Balm Block, 15. Scrappy, 16. i spy, 17. IMG_3389, 18. DSC01331, 19. SC3 for OhThatAshley #1, 20. november 7 2009 381, 21. Drunk Love Baby Quilt, 22. Baby Boy Quilt, 23. DSC00505, 24. Baby quilt for Emily, 25. Lainey’s Quilt, 26. Hip, modern tree skirt, 27. Boo Complete, 28. “Flowers for a Friend”, 29. Traditional Block, 30. november 7 2009 390

If you want to check out any of their blogs or Flikr profiles, here is the info (can also be found on our new blog):

1. Sarah Seitz (host) –
2. Ruth –
3. Wanda – fabriclover2009 (Flikr)
4. Beth –
5. Shea –
6. Solidia –
7. Annette –
8. Shelly –
9. Leah –
10. Melissa –
11. Dena –
12. Leanne – lnwcohen (Flikr)


P.S.  Have you all checked out Hawthorne Threads?  It’s a new online fabric store that I’m super excited about!