Blocks for the Modern Quilting Bee

Here are the blocks I made for Melissa for the Modern Quilting Bee.  She asked for Wonky Log Cabin blocks, and she is going to call the quilt, “What a Girl Wants.”  Look how cute those fabrics she sent are!  I can’t get over the lipstick and high heel shoes!  And I had to add a donut and sugar packets!  Oh, Heather Ross….how we love you!

I added a couple of my own fabrics to the blocks.  For the block on the left, I added the orange Fleur Des Lis pattern (Heather Bailey, I think).  I also added the small polka dot in the center.  For the block on the right, I added the pink striped fabric.

I loved making these, Melissa!


Quilting Bee

I was inspired by Bloc Party to finally join (and host!) my first quilting bee!  I’m so excited about this group.  There are 12 of us who will be creating Modern-inspired quilts (however each of us interprets that).

I can’t wait for my month to come.  I’m planning to have mostly solid fabrics (bright!) with one or two print per block.  The main “star” of the block will be the added element of TEXTURE!!!  I want to play around with smocking (think my Honeycomb pillow, but mixed in with a block), pleating, gathering, all sorts of textural elements.

I am ridiculously inspired by this block I found on Flikr:


From Flikr – PaisleyGarden/AmyLouWho

Anyways, more about our group.  I started a new blog for us, so we can post often to tell each other what we’ve been up to.  Add us to your reader!:

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this mosiac I put together from my talented group of Mod Quilters!


1. DSC_1716, 2. joseph’s coat, 3. november 7 2009 393, 4. IMG_3409, 5. DSC_1747, 6. SKAH giraffe block for Hanies, 7. BTRS Quilt – front, 8. KI 010, 9. Back of Wonky Horse, 10. original owl quilt top, 11. tetheredthreads1, 12. SC3 Block for Cam11, 13. Single Girl (baby) Quilt, 14. November Bee Balm Block, 15. Scrappy, 16. i spy, 17. IMG_3389, 18. DSC01331, 19. SC3 for OhThatAshley #1, 20. november 7 2009 381, 21. Drunk Love Baby Quilt, 22. Baby Boy Quilt, 23. DSC00505, 24. Baby quilt for Emily, 25. Lainey’s Quilt, 26. Hip, modern tree skirt, 27. Boo Complete, 28. “Flowers for a Friend”, 29. Traditional Block, 30. november 7 2009 390

If you want to check out any of their blogs or Flikr profiles, here is the info (can also be found on our new blog):

1. Sarah Seitz (host) –
2. Ruth –
3. Wanda – fabriclover2009 (Flikr)
4. Beth –
5. Shea –
6. Solidia –
7. Annette –
8. Shelly –
9. Leah –
10. Melissa –
11. Dena –
12. Leanne – lnwcohen (Flikr)


P.S.  Have you all checked out Hawthorne Threads?  It’s a new online fabric store that I’m super excited about!