Time to Destash!

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Amie-Kate’s Quilt

About a year ago my cousin, who lives in Scotland with her husband and four adorable kiddos, asked me if I would make a doll quilt for her youngest daughter, Amie-Kate. I was honored!  However, Asher had just come along and I foolishly tucked away the piece of fabric she sent me, thinking I’d get back to it quickly.  Fast forward to nearly a year later (ah!) and I found the lovely bit of fabric and remembered, OHMYGOODNESS, I totally forgot about the quilt!  I quickly sketched up a quilt map/pattern, picked out coordinating fabrics and went to cutting!  Once I got started it came together quickly.  This was a fun quilt to make and I love thinking about it keeping Amie-Kate’s dolls warm for many years to come!



One Year!!

Rather than try to explain why it has been roughly 9 months (yikes!) since I last posted, I’m just going to jump right back into it by saying it’s been quite the year!

My sweet boy, Asher, turned ONE last week.  Naturally, I had to throw him an elaborate party that he’ll never remember!  I went with a Sock Monkey theme, and had such a fun time planning all the details.

Here was the invitation photo, I just loved his sweet little wave!


I opted for a lunchtime party, and did a Sandwich Bar, complete with all the bread, meat, veggies and condiment choices you’d want.  To make things uber-cute, I put all the condiments in mason jars and wrapped them with stripy twine and pretty labels.  Because a yellow mustard jar just isn’t cute enough for me :).


Here’s me and the Birthday Boy.  He had this look on his face just about all day — a little confused and overwhelmed but very taken in by all the sights and sounds.  Love those bottom two teeth poking through :).


Some of the more fun details were “Pin the Tail on the Sock Monkey” (drawn by my talented mom!):


And a “Create Your Own Sock Monkey Puppet” station (inspired by this):


But the real star of the show was the Candy Buffet.  I had all sorts of yummy treats for kids to scoop up, including Gummy Bears, Banana Chips, Animal Cookies, Swedish Fish, Whoppers, Gummy Worms, Lollipops, and Red Vines.  The drink table had Chocolate Milk right at kid height, and I loved watching the littles ones grabbing milk after milk!




Asher got his own Smash Cake, which he thoroughly enjoyed:


The Sock Monkey Cake Pops were a huge hit (although they were not easy!!); they turned out so cute!


I made Asher an “I’m One!” Sock Monkey shirt using the Freezer Paper Stencil method.


All in all the party was a huge success.  Don’t expect something like this every year though, Little Boy!

Addie’s Quilt

I’ve made it a tradition to make each of my nieces and nephews a quilt when they are born.  This newest quilt is for my brother and sister-in-law’s adorable newest addition, Josephine Addison (she’ll go by Addie).  It was so fun to make another little girl’s quilt, since the last two family quilts I’ve made have been for little boys (here’s the set, if you’re interested:  Ethan’s Quilt, Sammy’s Quilt, Maddie’s Quilt).

This turned out to be such a colorful string quilt, and I even got a little help from my friends in the Modern Quilting Bee!

Addie's Quilt, with my nephew Sammy helping to model

The back simply features a row of strings, sandwiched between the stark white.  I quilted it with a random stipple design, although it’s hard to see it in the pictures.

Each family quilt has a label, and for this one I decided to use my machine’s alphabet to embroider the tag.

I so hope Addie will love her quilt and that it will stay in the family for generations to come!

Asher’s Nameplate

When I commissioned Levi’s mom to make a nameplate for Asher’s door, I had NO idea she would come up with something as special and beautiful as she did (although I should have known!).  She asked if she could borrow some fabric samples from the quilt I am making for Asher, and she ended up photocopying the fabric and decopaging it to the wooden letters.  She even used the same grey paint as we used in Asher’s room.  It turned out so wonderfully and I love that Asher now has something so creative and original made by grandma!

Here’s my little sweetie, he’ll be 3 months in just over 2 hours!

All smiles on his beautiful quilt from Auntie Emily!

One-Yard Wonders (Fabric-By-Fabric)

Hi Friends, I’m still trying to get the hang of this whole blogging with a baby thing, so I apologize for my radio silence!

First off, I was excited to wake up Monday morning to see that my Undies Tutorial was featured on Grosgrain Fabulous!  I’m a huge fan of this blog, so it was an honor to see that!  Welcome to the new followers who found me through Kathleen, pop in and say hi in the comments!

Along the same lines, I have some exciting news in regards to my Undies Pattern….I’m going to have this pattern plus the pattern for a super cute matching tank published in the amazing new One-Yard Wonders book, Fabric-By-Fabric, scheduled to come out this November!  The publisher released this sneak peak at the book, which features my pattern in the top right corner:

Head over to Facebook and “Like” One Yard Wonders to keep yourself up-to-date on the newest info about the book release!

Asher Campbell Seitz

Welcome to the world, Asher!

Our precious boy was born on April 2nd at 12:41 a.m. after a smooth (but difficult!) natural labor and delivery.  He was 8 lbs 5 oz and 20″ long.  Oh, we are so smitten!  He is such a little lover; he has the sweetest personality that his daddy and I are daily learning about.

I hope to eventually sit down and write out his birth story, it really was a blessing to have such an uncomplicated labor.  I’ve had constant help from family and my dear husband who has been off of work.  It will definitely be a reality check next week when he goes back to work!  Hopefully we’ll get into a good rhythm and I’ll be back to blogging soon!