Back up and Runnin’!

My new camera came in the mail yesterday, so the blog should officially be back up and running!  This is good, because I’ve been busy sewing away…

I made sure that my new camera uses the same memory card as my broken camera, so I am now finally able to see the pictures I took in California last July. 

We took a trip to the LA fashion district, which is the fabric addict’s Mecca:


If any of you are passing through the LA area, you’ve got to check it out!  I ended up stuffing my husband’s luggage nearly full of fabric on the way home from that trip.

I’m working on perfecting a pattern for what I’m calling, “The Jetsetter.”  It is going to be a travel wallet/clutch that has a spot to hold your ID, passport, airplane ticket, credit cards, and, of course, cash!


I’ve also stocked my Etsy shop full of yummy goodness:


At only $13 each, these iPod/iphone/camera cases make perfect Christmas or birthday gifts, or buy one for yourself!


4 Responses

  1. you have been super busy!!

  2. Hey Sarah, I would definately be interested in buying one of those cute jet setter wallets!! I am currently living abroad and shopping for a wallet before I left was a total nightmare! They were all plain and industrial. Functional, but definately not cute. Let me know when you have some on your Etsy site!

    • Hey Kalea! Thanks for letting me know! I’ll try to get some in my shop shortly after Christmas. Aren’t they fun? I had so much fun coming up with the pattern!

      Thanks for the comment and for visiting my blog!

  3. I love it Sarah! SO cute and well done, I had no idea you were a seamstress.

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