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  1. Sarah,
    I can’t believe that I won a prize on your blog! I was wondering though….did you send out the email and I missed it?
    I know we’ve “talked” before, so I know you have the right email.
    Thanks a bunch and thanks for your blog!
    Dana Beisel 🙂

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  3. Hello,
    I am sewing stretch lace to the edge of a tank top. What is the ratio for the length of stretch lace to armhole/neckline so that it fits correctly?
    Thank you!!

  4. Hey im a boy and im !7 and my who life since i was 9 i have wanted to wear girls underwear i wear a size 16 boys brief if you can help me than great

  5. do u have any of urs worn panties that u don’t want anymore or any little girls worn panties that u don’t want anymore if so can I have them.

  6. I am starting a underwear line of panties and would like to know the type of material best suited for this. Would either the jersey or knitted fabrics be better to use. If you have any other suggestions of the type of fabrics that can be used please let me know. In addition what other items would I need such as elastic, threads etc.


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    • I want to sell things. Online. I’m selling on eBay. I’m on Facebook. But I’m not grasping how to utilize the Internet. I also sew and am a craft person. I do not have website yet.

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  9. I have noticed that most ladies panties the gusset is not long enough,how would I lengthen this in camparisn to the rest of panties,I love this site,what a great idea to make your own undies so easily thank you

  10. I am not sucessful to make panty this pattern plz help me

  11. Hola era justo lo que yo andaba buscando. Usted me podría enviar patrones. Soy victoria de chile.

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