My First Skirt

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Three solid nights of cutting, pinning and sewing have finally paid off!  This is my first skirt, and I must say, it was quite the project.  I found a skirt at Anthropologie that I absolutely fell in love with.  Problem was, it was $148!  So, I vowed to try to find a pattern that was similar in some way, and attempt to make it.  I realize that the skirt I ended up with (pattern here) is quite different than the Anthro one, but I like it nonetheless.  

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The sides have pockets, which is always fun.  Also, those buttons undo to reveal:

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Tada!  A zipper, which is definitely necessary, because this skirt is tight fitting!  One more, here’s what the back looks like:

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The fabric is a cotton polka-dot that I found at the weirdest store ever in Solvang, California.  Solvang is this tiny Bohemian town about an hour from where my sister lives.  My mom and I stumbled upon this little store hidden away under incredibly hideous souvenir shops.  The fabric store was a sight in itself!  We walked inside and the entire place was empty, save for about 500 rolls of fabric haphazardly stacked on shelves.  Here’s the kicker, a sign on the door said, “All fabric, $1/yd.  Cut your own and bring it across the street to the souvenir shop.”  Complete overwhelm.  We searched through some of the ugliest, frightful patterns and textiles I’ve ever seen to walk away with the only two, no three, decent fabrics among the bunch.  Well, the polka-dots made the cut, and I like to think that they were happy to come home with me after sitting for who knows how long in that cold, strange place.  The contrasting fabric on the pockets is a left-over Amy Butler that I used on some placemats I made.  So, the skirt ended up costing about $12 (the buttons were the most expensive part!).  Much better than the $148 I would have paid at Anthro!


8 Responses

  1. hey sarah, this rocks; very coolio, and I wasn’t your popsy, I’d say it’s hot, so rather than say it’s hot, I’ll just say it’s coolio. love the look of your blog, btw

  2. You are awesome! Love the skirt–can’t wait to see it in person.

  3. LOVE the skirt! I can’t believe you finished it so fast…you are a sewing master Sarah-San 😉

  4. that is incredible! you have such a talent for sewing! it looks fabulous, and fabulous on you especially. 🙂 good work!

  5. I look up at the sound of an incoming mail,
    Stare at the notice and take up my finger:
    Watch as it tracks to the website in question–
    See what you’ve made with a blog and a Singer.

    All this to say, oh Sarah my pet
    This is so cool and the best cometh yet.

    If you update, that is.

  6. And alas, another comment must be told,
    our Sarah spins textile and thread to gold!

    Celebrating we applaud, cheer and dance so bold,
    unequivocally, she is a Seitz to behold!

  7. Sarah, this is all wrong! I taught you to sew and now you might need to give me lessons! Seriously, I love it. You are a natural!

  8. Oh Sar! It is so so cute! Much better than anything I ever made…no seriously, it is. I’ve been to Solvang too!! Haah yeah kind of like a second-rate Leavenworth, right? But I’m glad you found the fabric. 🙂

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